Fish breathing out of water

If we talk about fish everyone thinks of animals with gills and living in a lot of water but, did you know that there are some species that can breathe out of water? Whether for hours, days or indefinitely, there are fish that have organs that allow them to survive in non-aquatic environments.

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Nature is fascinating and get some fish to modify your body so they can move and breathe on land. Continue reading and discover together with YourCatCareguide some fish that breathe out of water .

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The Periophthalmus is a fish breathing out of water. It lives in tropical and sub-tropical regions, including the entire Indo-Pacific region and the African Atlantic. They can only breathe out of water if they remain in very humid conditions , so they are always in muddy areas.

In addition to having gills to breathe in the water, it has a breathing system through the skin, mucous membranes and the pharynx that allows them to also breathe out of it. They also have gill chambers that collect oxygen and help your breathing in non-aquatic spaces.

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It is a freshwater fish from Asia that can grow up to 25 cm in length, but what makes it so special is that it can survive out of the water for up to six days whenever it is humid. During the driest seasons of the year, they dig into the dry beds of streams to seek moisture and survive. These fish can breathe out of water thanks to the so-called labyrinth organ they have in the skull.

Quando os riachos em que habitam secam, têm que procurar um novo lugar para viver e para isso deslocam-se inclusivamente por terra seca. Têm o ventre um pouco achatado, por isso podem apoiar-se no solo quando saem dos charcos onde vivem e “andam” pela terra impulsionando-se com as suas barbatanas para procurar outro lugar onde possam viver.


This fish whose scientific name is Chana Argus , comes from China, Russia and Korea. It has a suprabranchial organ and a bifurcated ventral aorta that allows it to breathe both aerial and aquatic. Thanks to this can survive several days out of water in humid places. It gets the name of snake head for the shape of your head that is a bit flat.


The polypterus senegalus , Senegal’s bichir or African dragonfish is another of the fish that can breathe out of water. They can measure up to 35 cm and can move outside thanks to their pectoral fins. These fish breathe out of water thanks to primitive lungs instead of a swimming bladder, which means that if they remain moist they can live in non-aquatic environments indefinitely .

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