5 Tips to finding the best dog food

Getting the best food for your dog is not always an easy task. You might get all sorts of advice from different dog owners and it can be confusing because everyone has something different to tell you. Even when buying your own, it can be daunting because every brand has something you need and this makes it difficult to choose the best. If you have a difficult time finding the best food for your dog, check out the tips below;

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best dog food

Ask your vet

You can never go wrong asking for advice from your vet. He has been treating your dog since it was a puppy, so he understands what it lacks or what it needs in its diet: He knows your dog breed well and understands the kind of nutrition it needs. It will be easy for him to advise you on your dog’s health and nutritional requirements. Even if you just got your puppy, use your vet’s knowledge of dogs to choose the best kind of food brand for your fluffy friend.

Check the ingredients first

The first thing you should do when buying your dog food is to check the ingredients list. You need to make sure that the main ingredient is meat because dogs are carnivorous hence require high protein contents in their food. Also, beware of artificial sweeteners and flavors as well as grains and soy products. You may also want to look out for names like propyl gallate, BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin because they are simply all additives in disguise. Go for foods rich in beef, turkey, chicken or even lamb.

Consider the overall health and activity of your dog

Your dog’s overall health and physical activity will highly determine the kind of food you should give it. Your pet may be a puppy, highly active or may be a lactating mother and this means that it requires a high calories count in a day. If, however, your dog is less active, then it may need food that has lower calories count. All these characteristics will help to determine the best dog food brand to buy for your pet.

What is the nutritional adequacy statement?

One way to ensure that you get a proper dog food for your pet is checking the nutritional adequacy statement. It gives a clear description of the type breed and age the food is formulated for. So, always make sure you check it out first to ensure you get food with the right nourishment for your puppy.

Carry out proper research on your chosen brand

After settling for a particular brand, it is only right if you do your homework well to clear any doubts and to be sure about your choice. Carry out a thorough research about the brand to know steps used to make the food as well as all the other safety and health measures linked to it. This way, you clearly know what you are feeding your dog and not just the shallow information you get from advertisers.

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