5 feline personalities

Felines are always surprising us, especially after we know one of Lauren Finka’s latest studies . This veterinarian from the University of Lincoln published a very interesting article after interviewing more than 200 tutors of cats.

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The main findings were the 5 personalities of cats , according to Lauren Finka, a work that suggests that the personality of cats develops from their genetics, experiences and learning. Do you want to know which personality defines your cat? Keep reading!

1. The cat-human

The human cat is a feline that enjoys ep and refers to the company of people . Expresses your preferences by massaging and purring to family members regularly. Besides, he is usually very tame and may not even want to play games or interact with the animals of his species.

Human cats, as a rule, live with people from a very early age and have been properly socialized. For this reason, they feel very safe with humans. Their favorite activities are: being brushed, cherished, and fed.

2. The cat-cat

The personality of the cat-cat is very similar to the previous one, but in this case the cat prefers the company of other expenses and can spend hours playing and kneading together.

Usually, we talk about cats that lived with other cats and their mothers until the appropriate age. For this reason, they are perfectly familiar with feline language . They do not usually suffer when humans leave home for long hours because they have enough companionship

3. The hunter cat

All cats are hunters by nature, but the hunter cat is still more: it has a very marked wild personality.

These cats usually reject most toys and always opt for more realistic toys. They may even bring dead animals home to offer the tutor, like little birds .

If you have a cat with this personality, it is crucial that you have toys that meet the need for him to hunt. You can make toys with recyclable material , for example.

4. The Curious Cat

The curious cat has a lot of security in him . It is very common to find these cats in the most unbelievable places. They are generally very territorial cats. There can not be a single object in the house that the cat does not know. He exhaustively controls anything that enters his territory.

They are usually accustomed cats from puppies to the presence of all kinds of animals, people and objects.

5. The lonely cat

The lone cat is also known as the grumpy cat. This cat is always very alert. He does not appreciate social contact, probably due to bad socialization or some trauma.

The feline needs more time to adapt or to have confidence with new people and is usually very independent. This is the typical cat that hides right away when someone new comes home . The lonely cat needs more space and seems to reject any kind of interaction. However, it is important to dedicate a lot of time to cats with this personality so that, little by little, your bond will increase, it will feel safer and begin to get closer.

Which of these personalities defines your cat?

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