Feeding the Cat

The cat food , both adult and cub, is directly related to their development and health. That is why it is very important to know what our pet needs to feed it properly and to have a 100% healthy feline.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we show you the different types of diet: ration, moist food or homemade diets to decide which one your cat needs. Keep reading to know and know in detail which is the right food for your cat .

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What my cat needs

Wild cat food is based on meat and fish, although the truth is that they receive certain amounts of vegetables through their prey. For this reason, the ideal diet should have 26% protein and about 40% fat .

There are many products that we find in the market that do not meet these percentages and we can easily prove it on the packaging labels. That’s why more and more people are combining the ration, the damp food and the cat’s home diets, thereby improving the quality of their food.

What does YourCatCareguide recommend?

Many owners, knowing the simple procedure to prepare homemade diets, quickly decide to change the animal’s diet. The problem arises when the lack of information or the lack of knowledge of some nutrients necessary for your cat causes in the cats a decrease of the defenses or the disappearance of some fundamental support.

Although we like to know that people spend time making high quality homemade diets for their pets, the truth is we always recommend the combination of ration, moist food and home diets, thus providing a wide variety of food that will not only enrich the diet of our pet as well as his happiness.

The dry ration

Dry feed is critical to the animal’s diet as it helps keep your teeth free of tartar as well as being economical. Still, we should pay attention to what kind of feed we are buying since most, and especially the low-quality ones, provide a high fat content that can boost the animal’s obesity.

  • Ration for growing cats : In this case there are rations with a high protein content and fat that is fundamental for their growth. Generally the rations that are to feed cats in this stage of development usually count on vitamins and calcium supplements.
  • Adult Cat Food : Adult cats need less fat. We advise you to look for a high quality and adequate feed (for example, a special one if your cat is sterilized). Follow the power table correctly and remember to provide plenty of water.
  • Feeding for Older Cats : The latter case requires special attention. In many stores you will find a specific ration for older cats that have less fat and protein than the adult ration, which is totally appropriate since they spend less time exercising.

The wet food

Humid food is what we find in pet stores and shopping centers, usually packaged in cans. This type of food is usually welcomed by our animal, who will devour it by its appetizing smell.

The main problems that arise from moist food are dry breath, soft stools and a strong smell.

In addition, we should check the composition of wet food cans:

  • They should contain only carbohydrates or the composition of these should be low.
  • At least 35% should be protein, if the percentage is higher, the better.
  • The taurine should also be present at least in a 0.1%.
  • The fat level should vary between 15% and 25%.
  • Must not contain more than 5% carbohydrates.
  • Must contain omega 3 and omega 6.
  • Calcium, phosphorus or magnesium are some of the minerals that should be present.

Home diets

Finally, let’s talk about the home diets that are trendily lately, since many owners choose to feed their cat almost 100% with them.

Although feeding a cat with homemade diets has a myriad of advantages starting with the cat’s own health, we recommend not to do it daily if you are not well informed. There are many owners who, for lack of knowledge, do not give fundamental components in the cat’s diet and cause damage to their health.

In summary, all quality diets are adequate to feed your cat , however, we recommend that you do not abuse any of the three. The variety in our cat’s diet will leave you happy, healthy and beautiful.

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