Feeding of water turtles

The water turtle has started to be a popular pet because of its very simple caves , something that can help instill some responsibility in the little ones. But with regard to food, some doubts begin to exist, and sometimes we make some mistakes for lack of knowledge. The amount of food a water turtle should eat is often one of the most common misgivings. Here, in the Animal Expert, we clarify some doubts so that you can give an improvement of life quality to your water turtle.

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Read on and find out what is the best food for water turtles .

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What do turtles eat in the wild?

For fans of this species it will not be news that they are omnivorous reptiles, which means they feed on meat, fish and vegetables . In the wild, depending on the species, we have some more carnivorous and some more vegetarian. We must be aware of this fact and consult the veterinarian whenever we have doubts to give them the most appropriate food according to the species to which our turtle belongs.

Another very important fact is that they are usually very appetizing animals , sometimes they eat with a lot of greed. On the other hand, if the turtle does not show appetite and / or rejects the food, this will be reason enough to worry about and to resort to a specialist. On some occasions it happens because the temperature is not adequate or the cleanliness of the aquarium was not made. Be very aware of these factors.

What should a domestic water turtle eat?

The proper amount of daily food for water turtles is a very important issue, as we have said, they are animals that always have an appetite, so we may fall into the error of believing that they are hungry. The food base is usually the special ration for turtles , that is, because it is something commercial makes it much easier for our lives to follow the rationing of the indications of the packaging. As a rule, we must give it once a day.

The food or live food tends to be a problem, as there are owners who refuse to this type of food. We must remember the species that we have as pet and what are their needs to live happy and healthy. If we are not willing to make this commitment, we should not have a water turtle, since when being in captivity it will depend exclusively on us for its food. Live food sharpens the tortoise’s senses and nourishes it, as for example in the case of crickets (the most common) or es scarabs (note that the latter are aggressive). We can also administer earthworms and or snails. The appropriate amount will be 1 time per week.

We must not forget fruits, vegetables and aquatic plants . This goes into the living food, so once a week will be the right one. Among the good fruits for water turtles we have:

  • Soft apple pulp
  • Wait
  • Melon
  • Watermelon
  • Figs
  • Bananas

Citrus fruits should be excluded from their diet. On the other hand, within the vegetables suitable for turtles we have aquatic plants such as lettuce and water. Among the most popular vegetables we have the following:

  • Lettuce
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber
  • Radish
  • Beet

We should always avoid spinach and cabbages in large quantities. These foods should be consumed only sporadically. When consumed only once in a while, both spinach and cabbage are very nutritionally beneficial to the turtle. The problem happens when turtles are subject to a little varied diet in which the excess of certain food can cause some problems. In the case of cabbage, the excess can cause kidney and goiter problems. As for spinach, the abuse of this food can lead to problems in the absorption of calcium.

How often should a turtle eat water?

As we mentioned earlier, the amount of daily food for water turtles should be stipulated according to the species of turtle to which it belongs. However, this is not the only doubt that goes around our head when we decide to share our life with a turtle. Another of the most recurrent doubts is frequency, that is, how often we should feed it. So here is a list according to the age of the turtle :

  • Youth: 1 time per day
  • Sub-adults: every 2 days
  • Adults: 2 times a week

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