Famous Dog Names

Many people use names of famous or known dogs at the time of baptizing their pets, whether for their history or their meaning. A dog is a faithful friend who needs a proper and original name and for this, many resort to movies or animated series that suggest an appealing and appropriate name for him. Thanks to the great friendship that the dog and man have shared for centuries, nowadays there are thousands of stories and movies that use the dog as protagonist, given the abilities and qualities that the animal possesses.

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How do we choose names for dogs?

Despite the necessary guidelines that we can use to choose the name for our dog properly, the reality is that most people just can put a name they like and that associates with positive feelings.

There are many stories, movies and animations that leave marks on our sense of love for the dog. For this reason, many tutors want to recover and give that particular name to their dog, thus transmitting a special affectivity.

The advantage of deciding the name according to what pleases us is that we can give this same feeling to our four-legged friend. Dogs are intuitive animals by nature and know perfectly when they are affectionately called or when we call them because they are doing something wrong.

Names of famous dogs of animation

  • Little Helper Santa Claus (Santa’s Little Helper): We all know the captivating Greyhound d’The Simpsons, Bart rescued by dum owner who did not want to lose the races. The little helper is a fearful and loser dog, but he loves his tutors unconditionally.
  • Floquito (Shiro): Continuing with the cartoon theme, we find the faithful companion of Shin Chan, one Japanese small white dog. He is a victim of games and mischief, and often his young guardian forgets to feed or walk. He is an intelligent, kind, obedient and educated dog.
  • Brian Griffin: This is a dog very different from the previous one, belonging to the series TV One Family of the Heavy . Unlike the previous ones, it is that Brian is a very human and sarcastic dog, transmitting graphically the behavior of a dog of sensitive and complex form by knowing how to speak.
  • Ran Tan Plan: Lucky Luke was the proud tutor of Ran Tan Plan, which despite being a three word name – which is not advisable – has a very loud sound of a very famous dog. If you are a fan of Western movies, we recommend that your dog transmit the same tune.
  • Dartacão: Belongs to the cartoon series d’Artacão and the three muscateiros who, as imitation of the adventures of the musketeers, included friendly dogs that wrestled with swords. It is a name that inspires a lot of value and can be an excellent choice to baptize your dog.
  • Milu: It’s Tintin’s little white dog, which for comic bookgoers certainly brings good memories. It is a dog that accompanies the journalist Tintin all over the world, without ever getting tired.
  • Ideiafix: It is the small dog of the nice Obelix, the Gaul who fought against the Romans and who fell into a cauldron when he was little. Ideiafix is ​​a restless and affectionate dog.
  • Spike: Appears in Rugrats, the Angels . Babies who live adventures can not fail to have a dog, which in this case is Spike. The pet often serves as a horse when carrying babies and is always as faithful as any dog.
  • Joseph: Heidi’s captivating and handsome dog is a big and kind Saint Bernard who feels like embracing. She is the girl’s great companion.
  • Dino: The Flintstones dog has a dinosaur shape but acts like a dog, leading to a bone. He is loyal and as faithful as any dog, besides having a very beautiful name.
  • Odie: It’s the adorable, dumb dog that shows up in Garfield. He does not have voice in the series and always has the tongue of outside, being a constant victim of the pegadinhas of its companion.
  • Snoopy: Little is there to say about a dog that is not only famous as it made history, cartoons and many other things. Many generations know the dog, and its name is perfect for your pet.
  • Scooby Doo: It’s a very fearful German dogue. It was impossible for the show not to demonstrate the real disagreement that exists in many dogs that, although they are of great size, they are easily frightened. This is the case of Scooby Doo.
  • Seymour: It’s Fry’s dog from the Futurama series. It is a street dog that one day finds an owner.

Disney’s Famous Puppies

  • Pluto: The faithful and old friend of Mickey Mouse. Disney has created a cute and cute dog that appeals to all viewers, especially the little ones in the family. It is a sweet name that has a special meaning for all who grew up with it.
  • Goofy: Also a member of the Disney world, Goofy is certainly a quirky dog. He has a personality defined as a friend of Mickey Mouse and is a kind but innocent dog. He wears human clothes,
  • Vagabond and Lady (The Lady and the Tramp): It’s a Disney movie that shook many viewers, Vagabond is a street dog who falls in love with Lady, a pedigreed cocker spaniel. Both live an unforgettable adventure that reflects the two worlds of canine-like society.
  • Pongo and Perdita (101 Dalmatians): Disney creates a magnificent love story between two dogs (and their owners), and this time they are beautiful Dalmatians. The story portrays two protagonists fighters who strive to save the lives of their offspring, victims of the desire for fur coats.
  • Balto : It is a story that transmits us nostalgia and a certain melancholy, as well as tenderness and courage. Balto is the protagonist of the Disney movie based on real facts about sled dogs that helped bring medicines and supplies when there were no other means of transportation.
  • Bolt: Another dog that reaches the hearts of children with a cartoon movie that brings their story. In this case, Bolt is a famous TV dog who discovers he does not have the superpowers he believed he had.
  • Percy: If you watched Pocahontas, it will be fun to remember this nice adventurous dog and faithful to his tutor.
  • Slinky: Puppy Toy Toy Story, The Friendly and Fun Dachshund

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Famous dogs of flesh and blood

  • Beethoven: It’s the famous and giant St. Bernard that destroyed the whole house. A faithful dog that enchants the little ones.
  • Hachiko : The faithful Akita is the protagonist of a film based on real facts about a dog that, after the death of its tutor, visits the station of train where they were for years. There is even a statue in his memory.
  • Bobby Greyfiars: Like Hachiko’s, Bobby’s story is very real. remained for 14 years without abandoning the tomb of his tutor. Also has a statue in his honor in Edinburgh.
  • Rex: He’s the most famous German shepherd on TV, a smart and active police dog.
  • Lassie: Beautiful puppy Collie brown, very famous for the series of adventures that she has carried out for years.
  • Pancho: It’s the little Jack Russel Terrier that starred in “Pancho the millionaire dog.” (see our list of Jack Russel dog names )

Other dog name suggestions

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