Exercises for hyperactive puppies

Does your dog have great energy? Many owners see this feature in a negative way, since a dog with a lot of energy needs channels to channel it and in the absence of these can show poorly balanced behaviors, however, the excess of energy itself is not negative but obeys certain needs that the owner must provide.

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Some breeds of dogs like the Boxer, Dalmatian, Beagle or Retriever have a lot of energy that needs an adequate training strategy, but given the specific needs of these dogs we can make them excellent companions.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you several exercises for hyperactive dogs that are essential to manage the energy of your pet in a healthy way.

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Excess energy in dogs, why does this happen?

Why are some dogs so energetic while others are excessively quiet? These differences lie in the metabolism of each dog.

An accelerated metabolism produces high levels of energy that have traditionally been used to give dogs hard work, such as herding, hunting, tracking and sledding.

Of course, the metabolism can be affected by endocrine diseases, such as those that affect the thyroid gland and also by external factors such as climate or food.

When we observe a great energy in a dog it is imperative to help him to manage it properly , otherwise we will be a disobedient and destructive dog, but it will be our responsibility, since we do not take into account the needs of the dog. our pet.

An essential ingredient for a hyperactive dog is the daily practice of exercise , as this is one of the healthiest ways to properly use an excess of energy.

1. Long walks

A hyperactive dog does not get the necessary benefits from a 10- or 15-minute walk, as it is most advisable to take a walk of approximately 1 hour on a daily basis.

The environment can vary that will be equally beneficial for the dog, however if you have the opportunity, nothing better than to make an exit to the mountain , which will allow you to wear more of your energy.

Obviously, if your dog is not used to walking on this type of terrain, check your cushions when you get home to rule out any possible minor injury.

2. Running

If you like to go jogging, this is the best exercise you can do for a hyperactive dog. Running alongside its owner is great practice for a hyperactive dog as it offers you a very quick and efficient way to release stress , plus it helps you to decrease any negative behavior such as excessive barking or biting furniture and objects .

Of course, if you go running with your dog do it properly, taking into account your safety and providing you with adequate hydration during the race.

3. Agility

Agility is a canine sport that consists of guiding the dog through a circuit of obstacles that must overcome. This is an excellent practice that improves coordination between pet and owner.

It can be very complex to guide a hyperactive dog through an agility circuit, but this sports practice in this case offers two very important benefits :

  • By the physical activity that generates in the pet allows an adequate release and management of energy.
  • By the coordination it requires, it is an excellent strategy for improving obedience of the hyperactive dog.

4. Play with your dog

A hyperactive dog responds very well to an energetic game session , it has several options although perhaps one of the most appropriate is the launching of an object that your dog must return, such as a ball (suitable for dogs).

This forces your dog to work obedience and also offers you a sports practice that will allow you to better manage your energy.

It is so important that your puppy play with you and play with other dogs , although for this both your pet and others must be socialized properly.

Nowadays, there are already many parks that have a specific space for dogs, in this way, it can allow your dog to exercise with others of its kind, but also can walk in these spaces. When you return home, your dog will be absolutely calm.

Your energy should be calm

If your dog is hyperactive and has unlimited energy, it is relatively normal that at some point you may feel nervous about your pet’s behavior, however, this is very harmful to him.

To calm a hyperactive dog should work with it with a calm energy , so before starting these exercises it is imperative that you learn to exercise your patience, to accompany your dog calmly and with great affection.

Do not forget to promote tranquility indoors

Just as we help our dog get rid of stress outside the home with active play and exercise, it will be critical that we bring you calm and serenity indoors . In this way, we will be teaching you the hours of play and relaxation.

If inside the house the dog continues behaving in a nervous way, it would be good to resort to some game of intelligence for dogs, as is the case of kong , a very useful tool to relieve the nervousness. You can also spread some dog biscuits for him to sniff and make the journey he makes with the biscuits, something that encourages smell and stimulation of the senses.

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