Exercise for obese cats

There are many people who do not realize that their cat is getting fat until it is too late and the animal suffers from a serious obesity problem. We know that chubby cats are sweet, but the reality is that if you want a feline that has a longer and healthier life expectancy you should take some care to lose weight.

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If this is your case, then this article by YourCatCareguide is of interest to you as we will offer you several ideas so that your cat begins to exercise in a dynamic and fun way with you.

Let’s start? Find out what type of exercise for obese cats we propose besides important advice on your diet.

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What we should consider

Cats are animals with a very particular lifestyle, we could not want a sedentary feline suddenly spending many hours exercising because he bought a scratcher with a ball, the cat to move has to be motivated .

We should spend about 20 minutes a day exercising our four-legged friend to start noticing the results in one or even two months. We must be cautious and not overdo it, it should be something fun and attractive for the cat.

1. Exercise with intelligence games

There is a wide variety of very useful intelligence games that you can use to motivate your cat. Some exculpate treats, others use toys or sounds, it will depend on you to find what might be most attractive to him.

You can also think of simpler and cheaper intelligence games such as purchasing a kong for cats.

You know what it is?

It consists of a toy that must shake and move to get the goodies inside, besides encouraging the movement will be of great help when being approved, because it is totally safe, it helps to overcome the anxiety by separation or the long moments without our presence and can be used without supervision.

2. Active Exercise

In this type of exercise for cats you enter, as it should be your main source of motivation, you must act as a trainer who tries to achieve the best performance of your student, always without exceeding.

Do this with toys that motivate you and that you especially like, in YourCatCareguide we recommend those who make noise, sounds or lights because they can capture your attention better. As mentioned earlier, you should spend at least 20 minutes chasing these toys and exercising actively.

  • Avoid using laser lights because they often frustrate and stress the cat when you can never catch them. It is best to use a physical toy that you can hunt from time to time.

3. Passive exercise

You can get your cat to exercise without realizing it inside your home, so you should analyze the structure of your house and the furniture in it.

Some ideas:

  • Do you have stairs? Distribute your food in two and place the portions at each end of the stairs, this way you will go up and down to eat everything.
  • Spread your toys in different places in the house: tables, beds, benches, cabinets … You should move around to access them all, and make sure they are a little in sight, otherwise you will not find them.
  • Is your cat sociable? You can think of adopting a cat from a shelter, if they do it well, they can become true inseparable friends and this will cause them to move more and play.

These are just a few tips, you should think of ideas that might work with your cat because you know him better than we do.

4. Other ideas for exercising cats

More and more people dedicate part of the space of their homes to their pets, in the case of cats we find a wide variety of furniture to play rooms . You can also get yours with fixed bridges and shelves, try it!

Did you know that there are cat wheels? Sean Farley’s invention surprised everyone by being recycled and by offering obvious benefits to felines. In addition to helping exercise animals, it also relaxes them and eliminates stress. If you have not tried, what are you waiting for?

Feeding Your Obese Cat

In our article on preventing obesity in cats we talked about the importance of proper nutrition. We can find for sale a wide variety of light or low calorie diets , consult your veterinarian to find out which one is best for your cat.

  • The snacks and sweets should also have a low – calorie.

It is important to note that we must offer our cat the right amount of feed, since too much will not prevent our feline from continuing to gain weight. Consult the practitioner about adding a higher proportion of moist food, a beneficial idea since it contains large amounts of water and improves the cat’s clearance and hydration.

If you want to see more information about similar to Exercise for obese cats , we recommend that you come to our section of Games and fun .

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