Exercise for an English Bull Terrier

The English Bull Terrier are very active dogs that need daily exercise to channel their energy and thus avoid behavior problems. Among the different exercises that your dog can do, we find everything from games to sports with the owner, so you can share your time with him and create a stronger bond.

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If you choose to do high-impact sport with it, such as running or cycling, remember to monitor your health and your cushions to avoid diseases. Also, always carry fresh water and do not force the dog to exercise if he does not want to or is already very tired. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article to find out the best exercises for an English Bull Terrier to spend their energy and grow healthy.

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Games that exercise your English Bull Terrier

To begin with, a good option is to take you to an open and wide space where you can let go and play with it. Puppies love to play with bringing objects, so they can bring you a ball or a Frisbee and toss it to run after him. However, keep in mind that tennis balls are not recommended as they can harm your teeth.

This type of games for the English Bull Terrier is a good opportunity to teach you to bring objects , as well as to teach you to drop objects , this way you will learn receiving mental stimulation, you will have fun and you will exercise at the same time.

The canicross – High impact exercise

The canicross simply consists of going out to run with your dog. For a dog as active as the Bull Terrier, canicross is a perfect option to release energy, prevent obesity and strengthen your muscles. The dog should be secure at the waist of the owner with a special harness , this way you can control the speed of the dog and avoid pulling.

Before starting with this type of exercise for the high impact English Bull Terrier it is necessary that your dog is over one year old and that the veterinarian gives his consent after having a health check up. In addition, there are canicross competitions, so you can train your English Bull Terrier until you achieve enough level to participate in this type of racing.

Cycling – Active exercise and coordination

If your dog is properly trained in basic obedience , cycling is an excellent exercise for an English Bull Terrier. As with canicross, this type of exercise is considered to be of high impact, so the dog should be in perfect physical condition and begin little by little. To be comfortable and safe, it is recommended to use a rigid guide that suits the bike, especially to perform this sport with your dog.

The Bull Terrier will burn a lot of energy when cycling , but keep in mind that in this sport the dog should do a lot more effort than you, since when pedaling it makes less effort than the dog does running. You should watch your condition closely and pedal at a speed with which he feels comfortable, can follow his pace and not be dangerous to your health.

If you are interested in starting cycling with your Bull Terrier, in YourCatCareguide you will find some advice to walk your dog by bike .

Agility – Exercise and mental stimulation

This type of exercise for the English Bull Terrier is a little less active than the previous ones, although it is equally fun and in which the dog can have fun while learning. It is an obstacle course that includes jumping sticks, tunnels to cross , among others. It is a perfect exercise for an English Bull Terrier that will also stimulate your mind.

To perform this type of exercise, your dog should know the basic obedience, since it will be you who will mark the path that should follow. It is a type of safe exercise that all Bull Terriers can perform regardless of their age or their physiognomy, as it will be up to you to set the pace. In addition, you can take your Bull Terrier to an agility field where there are more dogs, and at the same time exercise, you can socialize with other dogs .

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