Exercise for an American Akita

The ancestors of the American Akita were used for hunting bears and unfortunately, afterwards they were used as fighting dogs, hence their robust structure and their great resistance. However, the behavior of this dog should also be highlighted as it is absolutely faithful, loyal and protective with its human family .

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If you dedicate yourself to Akita education, you will get a dog that is faithful as few as possible, sociable and friendly to all household members, as well as to other pets who live at home whenever socialization begins as soon as possible.

In the education of a dog of these characteristics the physical exercise is fundamental, in spite of being for any dog, it is especially important in this race. For this reason, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will tell you about the best exercises for an American Akita .

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The American Akita Tour

Many people have questions about how long their dog should walk . Of course this will depend on the animal itself , its age and its state of health. Watching your dog during the walk will be critical in determining what the ideal time is.

American Akita Puppy Walking

The American Akita puppy is in the process of socializing and his bones are forming, so it is very important not to force him to exercise or to walk in excess. We recommend small outings of 10-15 minutes three or four times a day to stimulate it without getting exhausted.

Adult American Akita Walking

The adult American Akita is a very active dog, so you will need long walks of 30-40 minutes, three times a day . You should combine the outings with exercise and let it roam freely in a controlled zone, like your garden.

Benefits of physical exercise

The fact that dogs exercise regularly is a habit that has multiple physical and psychological benefits for them, and these benefits are especially important for American Akita. This dog will obtain multiple benefits with the practice of exercise, being able to emphasize the following ones:

  • Physical exercise facilitates proper and balanced behavior.
  • It will improve the health of your dog by stimulating the immune system response, improving cardiovascular endurance, increasing muscle tissue and protecting bones and joints.
  • Physical exercise is the best prevention against obesity .
  • Facilitates the socialization of the dog.
  • Helps to strengthen ties with the owner.
  • The dog will sleep better and will have a quiet behavior at home due to having spent all this energy through the practice of sports.
  • Improves learning processes and obedience.

The American Akita needs physical exercise more clearly than any other dog, because it has great energy and a well-manifested tendency for dominance and territoriality.

To balance this behavior and educate it more easily, the American Akita needs discipline and, in addition to all the benefits we have mentioned before, we can add one more that is especially important for this breed: physical exercise will act as a method of discipline , and even more important is the fact that our pet enjoys disciplining.

Exercises for an American Akita Puppy

The American Akita puppy is very energetic and we need to provide you with physical exercise that allows you to manage this energy and not suffer from any kind of stress, of course it is exercise at this stage of your life .

In addition, the Akita pup likes to play, however it must take into account two things: it is a dog with a very strong bite already since small and should not carry out abrupt activities or that it is necessary jumps, until not fulfilling the first year of life as this could cause serious damage to your joints and tendons. We offer you two ideal activities to perform with your American Akita when you are a puppy:

  • Take the ball : You’ll need a small, sturdy ball for dogs. Take the ball and ask him to swallow it. In addition to exercising, your Akita will learn to respond when you call and obey him.
  • Taking out the cloth : The Akita is passionate about this game, pick up on a soft cloth and pull on one side preventing your puppy from taking it, it will shake and pull the cloth by force and trying to tear the cloth from your hand. The most important of this game is that your dog obey the order “to”, ceasing to bite the cloth. If you do not perform this order at the end of the game, you may notice that over time your Akita may show aggression and dominance.

Exercises for an Adult American Akita

Your dog needs daily physical exercise that allows him to manage all his energy and balance his character, then we show you several activities that you can do with an adult:

  • Walking and running : The Akita likes to walk, walk and run. Emulate him to do at least a long walk every day, they will be the best companions for each other. It is best that the Akita does not run on the asphalt because of its large bony structure, which could be affected by joint impact.
  • Follow him on the bike : If you like to ride your bike, your dog can be your best companion. It is important that you progressively get used to it, rather than taking it off the bike. It takes patience, but the Akita is a smart dog that will learn whenever its owner is constant and behaves like a leader.
  • Agility : Agility is a sport that both your dog and you will enjoy. Look for the nearest club in your town and start with your dog progressively, and strengthen the relationship between them is a great way to discipline him. The Akita should not perform high heels until he is at least 1 and a half years old.

Of course, you can keep the puppy toys, the ball and the cloth, remembering that in the latter it is important that your dog obey and let go of the cloth, without showing resistance or aggressive behavior.

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