Exercise for adult puppies

Practicing exercise is imperative for any adult dog although the intensity and duration of this will depend on its concrete age, size and physical characteristics. Exercising your pet will help prevent obesity problems, it will make you feel stress-free and no doubt it will pass a good time.

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We also give you some basic advice, such as whether to practice exercise before or after eating, what is the intensity level for a dog that practices agility or how it helps them in self-control.

Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article about exercise for adult dogs and choose the option you like best. Some proposals will also get you in shape, so pay attention.

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Benefits of exercise

Encouraging your dog to practice exercising or something even better, practicing exercise with it has many healthy benefits for both. To begin with you should know that physical exercise is ideal for dogs suffering from stress or behavior problems in general since it helps them release the unease they have accumulated.

On the other hand, physical exercise is an effective way to prevent obesity in the dog , a very common and habitual problem. Keeping your puppy away from overweight also means staying away from the onset of arthritis, osteoarthritis or dysplasia. Although these diseases usually develop in the elderly stage of the dog, sometimes they can occur in dogs with an excess of weight.

It is very suitable for dogs that work obedience in general, whether advanced (as in the case of Agility) or basic. Being with your dog practicing exercise abroad helps you to continue to interact with the environment, with dogs and with other people.

As? When? At where?

If your dog has never exercised before, he should not force it suddenly. It must be a progressive process and in which he is the protagonist, because the goal will be to make him enjoy. Before practicing exercise we should walk with our dog quietly so that it does his needsand we do not have to be stopping the rhythm constantly.

It is very important to take into account that the dog should not exercise if he has finished eating, should do it always some time later to avoid a gastric twist.

Choose an ideal time of day to exercise as in the morning or at the end of the day. Avoid the hours of the day when it is too hot, as we should avoid at all costs a heat stroke on the dog .

Finally, it would be ideal to practice exercise in a safe environment, in which the dog feels comfortable and outdoors. Still do not worry, if you can not comply with these three options, we must adapt physical exercise to our possibilities.

Although there are exercises in which we do not participate actively, the truth is that the dog will be grateful if we exercise with him, that is, being participants in this activity . If he notices that we are only paying attention or being in jail, he is likely to stop exercising in a short time.

Be careful if your dog belongs to the strong physical breeds once they have trouble breathing properly. These races should practice moderate exercise. Some examples are:

  • Boxer
  • English bulldog
  • Bulmastife
  • Dogue de Bordeaux
  • Pug
  • Rottweiler

Canicross with the dog

If you like to run and your dog also seems to like it, you can start practicing canicross with him. You will not need a lot of things just for a sneaker, a strap (if you want you can do it without it) and an appropriate place for it. Enjoy running and having your dog follow you for a while so you can exercise actively.

The canicross

Canicross is a very complete exercise for tireless dogs that allows you and your pet to run together joined by a strap. Melee without using the arms. It’s great for dogs that need a lot of exercise, but remember that you’ll need an adjustment time that allows you to start gaining muscle and gaining the right rhythm. You should always keep an eye on your dog and the sensations it manifests as well as your level of tiredness.

At the level of competition it is recommended to carry out a veterinary consultation before starting the dog in the active canicross, since it is a very demanding exercise.

Advice for dogs that do canicross

  • Check the underside of the legs regularly to make sure they are not damaged.
  • Especially in canicross, be very careful to prevent your puppy from suffering a heat stroke. Read our tips to relieve the heat of the dog .
  • Always carry a portable water cooler with you, it can be useful.
  • Adapt the dog’s nutrition to its level of physical activity.
  • Consult your veterinarian regularly to make sure everything is okay.
  • Adapt the pace and duration of training to your ability.

Riding a bicycle with the dog

Cycling is a fun sport and suitable for active but obedient dogs , so we will be actively exercising it around town, mountain or other places with the advantage that we do not get so tired.

Remember that it is imperative that your dog be obedient and understand the basic orders of “quiet”, “we”, “right” and “left” in order not to cause an accident.

And if you want to know how to teach your dog to ride a bike with you, then we offer you a simple step by step that you should practice for a while before starting:

  1. Present the bike to your dog if he does not know it yet, let him smell it, look at it and watch it move without fear.
  2. Get an adapter that attaches the harness, the strap, and the bicycle.
  3. Practice wandering with the dog and the bike without being on top of it and see how you react. We recommend you look for a quiet place so they do not distract you.
  4. If the dog adapts to walking with the bike try to ride at a moderate speed.

Advice for cycling with your dog

  • Start working in quiet places and ease the difficulty progressively.
  • Do not overdo your speed, watch your dog’s rhythm and respect it.
  • Check the underside of the legs regularly to make sure they are not damaged.
  • Walk through safe places, do not expose your dog too close to cars.
  • Do this with an appropriate and comfortable equipment for the animal. You should opt for those that offer better cushioning.


Getting started in Agility , whether in competition or not, is a great way to practice obedienceand exercise your pet actively, as it is a very complete sport that you could even do at home if you have space for this. It is suitable for curious and agile dogs that have easy to memorize as the Border Collie is.

Agility consists of an obstacle course that the dog must follow and overcome. The circuits include tunnels, wheels, fences among many others. It is fun and actively exercises the dog while we have to simply guide you.

Swimming and hydrotherapy

Like people, taking your dog for a swim in the sea or in the pool is a very complete form of physical exercise, as well as a lot of fun. For this, it will be essential that our dog accept and tolerate water, if not better think of another option.

Especially in this case we must be careful to avoid a possible drowning or gastric twist , something that can happen if we have recently eaten. Pay attention to your dog at all times.

On the other hand, hydrotherapy is perfect for dogs suffering from muscle problems, injuries, dislocations, dysplasia, arthritis and osteoarthritis. It helps them to exercise without feeling pain in their extremities. It is highly recommended to keep the delicate dogs healthy.

Advice for dogs that practice swimming

  • Swimming is a very active exercise, hydrate it properly.
  • If you are going to start practicing swimming on a regular basis with your puppy you should consider adapting your feed to a more complete one.
  • Check your legs so they do not get moist for many hours, otherwise it could favor the appearance of fungi.

Sports with groups of dogs


If you have several athletic and very energetic dogs as can be a group of several Siberian Husky you can practice the Mushing, a sport that consists of a group of dogs pulling a dog that takes a passenger either in the snow or on the ground.


It is a sport that needs a high level of obedience, at least on the part of the “guide” dogs. It’s a great way to exercise them in packs without ever forcing them and always under a proper review of the leg cushions.

Taking advantage of the snow, we refer to Skijoring, a sport consisting of a dog and a skier joined by a harness like the one used in canicross, although it has a longer strap that allows a proper separation between skier and dog.

It is a very complete sport that will take your puppy to a totally different place. Remember that it is important to have at your disposal a portable water cooler as well as spend a few minutes reviewing the pads of your dog’s paws to prevent them from burning in the cold.

More relaxed options

Let your dog run in the park.

This first option allows your dog to run freely and exercise alone, something that should do in each walk for at least 5 minutes, as recommended by ethologists.

Practicing exercise without a strap reinforces our bond with him, in addition he likes to feel free and without being trapped abroad. It is also important to practice obedience if we think of going for walks or simply as a way to prevent one day from being lost.


When exercising without a leash, you can use a ball to chase her, a frisbee, a piece of a log to jump over it. All options are valid whenever your dog enjoys joining you. The great walking time is between 60 and 90 minutes in length, divided into one, two and even three walks. Always combining exercise and walking.

First aid

Having a notion of first aid is really helpful for our puppies. Then we leave you some links so you know what to do in certain situations:

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