Examples of ruminant animals

If you wonder what they are or search for examples of ruminant animals found the appropriate site, YourCatCareguide explains what it is about.

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Ruminant animals are characterized by digesting food in two stages: after eating they begin to digest the food but before that it will regurgitate the food to re-chew it and add saliva.

There are four large groups of ruminants that we will review and we will also show you a complete list of valid examples so you can understand what it is about. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article to find out which ruminant animals are!

1. Cattle (Cows)

The first group of ruminants are cattle and probably the best known group, as you will see, some animals are accompanied by the † symbol, meaning they are extinct. Let’s look at some examples:

  • American Bison
  • European Bison
  • Step Bison †
  • Gauro
  • Gaial
  • iaque
  • Bantengue
  • Kouprey
  • Cow and Bull
  • Zebu
  • And gold euroasiático †
  • Gold and give sudeste China †
  • African carving †
  • Nilgó
  • Buffalo-Asian
  • Plead
  • Tamarao
  • Saola
  • Buffalo-African
  • Eland-gigante
  • Elande-comum
  • Antelope-of-four-horned
  • Inhale
  • Inhale-das-Montes
  • Bongo
  • Cudo
  • Cudo-menor
  • It’s striking
  • Sitatunga

Did you know that camelids are not considered ruminants due to lack of aglandular pre-stomach and horns?

2. Sheep (Sheep)

The second large group of ruminants are the sheep, animals known and appreciated by the milk and the wool that they offer. There are not as many different types as in the case of cattle but we can still offer you a considerable list of sheep:

  • Mountain Sheep
  • Karanganda Sheep
  • Gansu Sheep
  • Argali
  • Hume Sheep
  • Carneiro de Tian Shan
  • Marco Polo’s Caneiro
  • Gobi Sheep
  • Severtzov Sheep
  • Sheep from northern China
  • Carneiro de Kara Tau
  • Domestic sheep
  • Urial transcaspiano
  • Urial Afghan
  • Esfahan’s Breath
  • Muflão de Laristan
  • European Bumblebee
  • Asian muflão
  • Breath of Cyprus
  • Urial of Ladahk
  • Canadian Wild Sheep
  • Californian Wild Sheep
  • Mexican wild sheep
  • Wild Desert Sheep
  • Wild Sheep weemsi
  • Dall’s Bumblebee
  • Kamchatka Snow Ewe
  • Putoran Snow Sheep
  • Kodar Snow Ewe
  • Koryak Snow Ewe

Did you know that goats and sheep, despite being related, have a phylogenetic separation? This occurred in the last stage of the Neogene, which in total lasted no less than 23 million years!

3. Goats (Goats)

In the third group of ruminant animals we find the goats, commonly known as goats. It is an animal tamed for centuries because of its milk and hair. Here are some examples:

  • Wild goat
  • Bezoar Goat
  • Sindh Desert Goat
  • Goat of Chialtan
  • Wild goat from Crete
  • Domestic goat
  • Turkmen bearded goat
  • Tur of the Western Caucasus
  • Tur East Caucasus
  • Markhor of Bukhara
  • Markhor de Chialtan
  • Markhor of horns straight
  • Markor de Suleyman
  • Ibex of the Alps
  • Anglo-Nubiana
  • Mountain goat
  • Portuguese Mountain Goat †
  • Pyrenean Mountain Goat †
  • Mountain goat of Gredos
  • Siberian Ibex
  • Kyrgyz Ibex
  • Mongolian Ibex
  • Himalayan ibex
  • Ibex Kashmir
  • Ibex of the Altai
  • Ethiopian mountain goat

Did you know that by remastering ruminants can reduce the size of the particles to get their bodies to assimilate and digest?

4. Cervidae (Deer)

To finalize our complete list on ruminant animals we add a very beautiful and noble group , the deer. Here are some examples:

  • Eurasian Moose
  • Moose
  • Wetland deer
  • Doe
  • Siberian Doe
  • Andean deer
  • Deer on the Andean
  • Deer
  • Small deer
  • Mazama briceni
  • Stag-Hand-Short
  • Deer-catingueiro
  • Mazama topics
  • White-tailed deer
  • Mule Deer
  • Heifer Deer
  • Northern Pudu
  • Pudu do sul
  • Rena
  • Chital
  • Axis calamianensis
  • Axis kuhlii
  • Cash
  • Common Deer
  • Cervo Sika
  • Common Buck
  • Elaphodus capsule
  • David’s Deer
  • Irish moose
  • Muntiacus
  • Deer
  • Panolia eldii
  • Russian alfredi
  • Deer of Timor
  • Chinese Water-deer

Did you know that there are about 250 species of ruminants in the world?

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