Euthanasia in dogs

Although speaking dogs is usually a reason for joy and happiness, sometimes it is not so. After a long life at our side, having a sick and extremely delicate health dog is a sadness and we may want to know about euthanasia as a way to relieve your pain .

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Remember that no one can force you to resort to euthanasia and that it is illegal to do so in healthy dogs with no health problems (except in some specific cases). Then we will tell you about the most important issues or of which there are many doubts: if there are professionals who do it at home, if it hurts, what the injection contains …

In the following article of YourCatCareguide you will find everything you need to know about euthanasia in dogs .

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When and why to resort to euthanasia in dogs?

Although euthanasia literally means “good death”, this is not usually seen by us as a positive choice. Nowadays, not only are dogs that are very sick or in severe terminal situationssacrificed , this is also common practice in animal shelters and aggressive dogs.

Before even thinking about euthanasia for your dog, you should ask yourself whether with a veterinary treatment, the attention of a canine educator or other solutions are possible. Euthanasia should always be the last option .

When thinking about euthanasia you should make sure that the dog is going through a time of illness, pain or other causes that can not be solved in any way. It is a very hard and very difficult time that should be thought calmly.

Remember that each puppy has a different outcome, different from other dogs of the same species or age, should think of the situation in a unique way and ask the advice of a veterinarian to make the final decision.

Is the injection painful?

If carrying out your dog’s euthanasia at a suitable veterinary center does not have to be afraid as it is not a painful process for your dog , on the contrary. Euthanasia provides peace and tranquility, a dignified finish for a beloved pet who can no longer continue to suffer. The injection given to the dog will produce a lack of awareness and death quickly.

Accompanying you in this sad situation will be a tough time for you but if the expert and you consider appropriate may be a way to help you and end this tough time, which knows that your dog will not recover.

And then?

These same veterinary clinics offer adequate services to say goodbye to a pet . Bury it or cremate it are the two options you have to choose to always remember your dog and offer you a well-deserved and dignified rest. Read our article on what to do if your pet died .

Regardless of your decision, remember that what you did was to think about offering a decent and happy life to your dog. Some people think that the best thing to do is to end the suffering of the animal, others believe that life should continue and the animal must die in a natural way. The decision is always yours and no one should judge you.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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