Euthanasia in cats

Deciding to put an end to an animal’s life involves a lot of responsibility and proper prior planning. It is not the same to sacrifice an old cat as another sick cat, since we can not know with accuracy the state of our animal.

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The price, the possibility of doing it at home or knowing if our friend suffers pain are some of the most frequent questions that we will answer in this article.

Discover with the help of ExpertAnimal some advice to take into account about euthanasia in cats , a very complicated time for any owner who loves their pet .

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How much and why to practice euthanasia on a cat?

In general, euthanasia is usually recommended by the veterinarian when you notice a very serious and terminal condition of our cat combined with pain and discomfort. The diseases of cats are very varied and each of them will be a different case. You must understand these processes as something unique and different from all others.

We may also have doubts about living with a cancer-sick cat, for example, and we want to offer you a well-deserved rest after a long struggle of treatments and complications. Do not blame yourself for thinking about it, however, you should be clear that your cat has no options and that this will be the best solution for him.

Think well before you do it, it’s an important decision you must make clear before you take it. Ask for help and advice from professionals and their families to ensure that this is the right solution for your cat.

Is the injection painful?

Do not worry, if you do it in a suitable veterinary center this injection will not hurt your cat , on the contrary, euthanasia means in fact “good death”, because it is a painless and preferable process before a life of suffering. Accompanying him at this very sad and intimate moment is imperative.

And then?

At the vet they will explain to you the options you have to say goodbye to your cat. You can bury or cremate your pet to keep its ashes in an emotional urn that reminds you of it. This option should be evaluated and taken by you.

We know it is a hard experience for you, so if you have mixed feelings in the final stage do not hesitate to visit our article in which we explain how to overcome the death of our pet and what to do if your pet died , guides with advice for this very complicated time.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

If you want to read more articles the less you know about euthanasia in cats , we recommend you to enter our section on Other health problems .

  • At no time do we recommend that you try to practice euthanasia at home or in a home-like manner.
  • The euthanasia procedure must be carried out by a trained veterinarian, ie by a veterinarian.
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