Emergency card for pets, how to do?

If you live alone with your pets, you should ensure that they look good in the event of an emergency with you! Imagine that you have to stay in the hospital for some reason for a few days or even weeks. What would happen to your animals?

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In YourCatCareguide we made a simple and clear emergency card for pets so that, in case something happens, emergency service people can contact someone who will take care of their animals.

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Do you look at my wallet if I have an accident?

Emergency service people whether firefighters, police, medical services or others, have a basic premise when encountering an accident: look at the wallet.

It is a basic identification procedure and contacts the victim’s family. In addition, people with diseases like diabetes or allergies usually have this information in the wallet. For this reason, the wallet is the ideal place to put information that your pets are alone at home.

What measures should my emergency card have for pets?

Depending on the country where you reside, these are the most common measures of business cards to fit your wallet:

  • Portugal:
  • 85 mm width
  • 55 mm altura
  • Brazil :
  • 90 mm width
  • 50 mm altura

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