Ecological food for puppies

If you are looking for information on organic dog food it is because you are most likely animal friendly and want your pet, just like you, to start with a vegan diet.

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You should keep in mind that the dog is an animal that needs high protein foods and therefore should look for high quality food so that the health of your pet does not resent and as a consequence suffer needs that lead to anemia, for example.

Find out in this article from YourCatCareguide what ecological food is for dogs and how to administer it.

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Please inquire before you start

Before you radically change your pet’s diet, you should consult your veterinarian and find out about the benefits and shortcomings of this type of food. Keep in mind that the dog has a fragile stomach and in the face of a sudden change of feeding can suffer from bad breath or diarrhea.

As with any feeding change of a pet, the process should be gradual and should carry it out for at least a week. At this time offer your puppy the usual ration mixed with the new one, distributing the ratio of minus to giving you 100% organic food.

If what you are looking for is to make homemade diets for your dog at home, you should know the recommended fruits and vegetables for dogs and differentiate them from those fruits and vegetables that are toxic to your dog.

In the latter case, it is critical that you go to a dog nutritionist to guide you and perform periodic checks to make sure the dog accepts the new food and does not suffer from any serious disorders.

What is organic food for dogs?

The truly eco-friendly dog ​​food is one that is naturally processed and rejects the use of colorants, preservatives and additives . It is also understood that the ecological diet was grown without the use of chemical substances or disinfectants in the field.

Even so, no type of organic food already prepared will be 100% free of certain preserved, so the more natural option will be a diet that you make.

Is organic food good for dogs?

The dog is an animal that in the wild feeds mainly on meat, although it is through the flesh of its prey that it also receives in a lesser proportion vegetables and other foods of natural origin.

Organic food will be good for your dog if you follow the advice of the specialist , if it meets your needs and your pet finds himself healthy. So we can say that different types of food are good although they are different between them.

Remember that the puppy should receive a high percentage of protein and that the corn content should be low since it is an ingredient that does not digest well.

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