6 breeds of oriental cats

There are several breeds of cats from the Asian continent, in fact, some of the most beautiful come from that continent. As a general rule, Asian catshave a number of characteristics in common that make them different from other breeds of cats, something you may discover in this article.

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Then we show you some of the best known, as well as others not well known to the general public, but also extraordinary pets.

Continue reading this article from Animal Expert and discover 6 breeds of Eastern cats .

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1. Cat Ceylon

The Ceylon cat is a beautiful breed that comes from Sri Lanka (the ancient Ceylon). This breed is very unknown in Europe and other continents, but Italian breeders have recently started their breeding and distribution.

This cat is ideal to live in houses and apartments. He is sociable, clean and affectionate. From the outset he acquires confidence with the host family, showing himself to be very kind and affectionate.

The morphology of Ceylon cat is characteristic. It has large ears, which at its base are broad. Its slightly almond-shaped eyes are a spectacular green color. The size of the Ceylon cat is medium, with well defined musculature and a very silky short hair . It has rounded cheeks and a typical marbling on its coat.

2. Burmese cat

The Burmese or Burmese cat is a domestic breed from Thailand. In their origins they were of brown color, but it was in the USA and Great Britain where this breed s and expanded worldwide , creating the current breed standard . Nowadays a great variety of colors are accepted.

The Burmese cat is medium-sized, rounded head, short neck and medium-sized ears. Just as the Siamese are very intelligent and vocal, that is, they communicate very well with the host families. They are very affectionate.

Through a cross between the Burmese cat and an American shortair cat, a new breed called Bombay Cat was created. He tried and was able to create a kind of black panther the size of a cat.

The Bombay cat is tremendously affectionate, its color is always black satin, and its muscles are very defined, since its fur is very short and silky. Its beautiful eyes are always of a range of oranges, golds or copper. They do not like solitude.

It is an ideal cat to live in in small apartments as they are not overly active. An easy habit to infuse, as with Siamese, is that you can learn how to urinate into the toilet, always, of course, if you let the lid up.

3. The Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is an extraordinary pet for its balance in all facets , something that makes them adorable. They are intelligent, affectionate, independent, clean, communicative, active without going over and of elegant and refined beauty.

I had the opportunity to have a couple of Siamese, and each had their personality, but they were both very affectionate. The male had the ability to open the doors of the rooms with his paws and did his needs in the toilet .

The blue of a Siamese cat’s eyes sums up everything you can say about it. Discover the types of Siamese cats that exist in the Animal Expert article.

4. Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese bobtail is a race of Japanese origin with a fantastic history:

Legend has it that these cats arrived by boat from the Kuril Islands to the coast of Japan a thousand years ago. In the year 1602 it was forbidden anyone could buy, sell or keep a bobtail cat in their house. All cats were to be released on Japanese streets to put an end to the rat plague that plagued the rice fields and the silk factories.

One peculiarity of this breed is its short, twisted tail. It is a medium-sized cat with a triangular face and ears on alert. It is muscular and its hind legs are longer than the front legs. It is an active cat and “ruffians” at dawn. It is very annoying, so if you decide to adopt one do not forget to visit the article in which we explain to you why my cat mia so much .

5. Chinese Cat Li Hua

The Li Hua cat is a newcomer to the world of pets. This domestic cat comes directly from the Chinese mountain cat, Felis silvestris bieti, and in the year of 2003 began his child as a pet. It is a very muscular medium-sized cat. It is usually of olive tones with dark tigress spots. Your oval eyes are green or yellow. Discover some cat toys and stimulate your intelligence.

It is a very intelligent cat that gets along very well with other pets but is not overly affectionate. You need space because you are very active. Not a pet recommended for young children.

6. Oriental cat

Originally from Thailand, this stylized feline has a very unique look and large ears that make it unmistakable. His style and figure reminds us of the modern Siamese cat.

It is a very affectionate and clean animal, perfect for a delicate life in an apartment. This beautiful breed exists in many colors and patterns.

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