Dry nose on the dog, is it bad?

There are some aspects of our dogs that we do not know yet, some that even concern us, such as dry nose. It is very common to ask the question whether the nose is dry on the dog, since the popular conception says that the dog should always have a slightly damp nose and that a dry, warm nose means a sick nose.

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The reality is that in most cases the reasons for a dry nose have nothing to do with the health of your dog. Most of the time you will not have to worry too much. Keep reading this YourCatCareguide article where we will answer if the dry nose on the dog is bad .

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Why does my dog ​​have a dry nose?

The nose of a totally healthy dog ​​can vary during the day, between wet and sex, several times. There are a few times when you should worry about whether your dog has a dry nose, such as a chronic dry nose with cracks, scabs, and wounds , but most of the time it is not a problem. Then we explain to you why dogs can have a dry nose:

  • If your dog’s nose dries during sleep , this is totally normal. When he does his naps he stops licking his nose, and this causes the nasal moisture to cease to exist. To be calmer, watch your nose 10 minutes after he wakes up. You will see how it returns to its normal state.
  • There are dogs that are allergic to plastic, or other materials and even certain foods. Maybe your dog is one of them and your nose gets irritated and resent when you play with your toys, eat the food on your plate, or drink from a water source. Allergy to some material or food can be expressed through allergic reactions, in this case through the parched nose. Consult your veterinarian if you observe your nose dry daily.
  • Dogs with pink or pallid noses are more susceptible to sunburn. If your puppy drops from sunbathing, it is possible that your nose will dry to the point of burning. Be aware of this, because if it is very frequent it can lead to skin conditions and even cancer. You should be aware of the signs of the skin: red or scaly nose. In this cases remember to apply sunscreens recommended by the veterinarian.

Other problems associated with dry nose

  • If your dog is too close to a heat source or lives in a room with poor air circulation, it is normal to dry the nose. This happens often during the winter season, when dogs love to stay close to heating or places where temperature is conserved. Hot air can not only dry your dog’s nose but also cause cracking. You can apply a little petroleum jelly, shea butter, coconut oil or olive oil to help moisten it.
  • Your dog does not drink enough water . Like people, when an animal does not have enough liquids in the body it dehydrates, starting from the nasal region and passing to the kidneys and other systems of the body. The problem is that if you do not hydrate you can go into shock. It is very important that your dog drink water. Have a fresh and clean source of water available for your dog at all times.
  • There are some health problems that can make your dog’s nose resent, as is the case with a descent of his or her defenses. It can also happen in dogs suffering from parvovirosis or distemper .

In any case, remember that dry nose is not always a sign of disease, however, if it happens frequently and observe other signs that accompany dry nose (such as flaking or sores) go to the veterinarian immediately.

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