Walking dogs as a profession (Dog walker)

Do you work all day and your dog spends the day alone at home? Are you one of those who does not have much time available for your dog, but loves him and would like to be able to always offer the best to him?

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So, you need to know this mode of professional, known as Dog walker or dog walker, who is nothing more, than a professional trained to take your dog on long walks and you know that do well to him, but yourself do not have time for such.

To know exactly what a Dog Walker is and how to be one, keep reading here at YourCatCareguide.

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It is well known that dogs that exercise regularly are much healthier and healthier than dogs who spend the day at home or in the yard without any type of activity or stimulation. In addition, dogs that exercise regularly are less likely to develop behavioral problems such as compulsive barking, biting and licking, and other stress-related behaviors.

Dogs are animals that have been bred from generation to generation to assist our ancestors in certain types of work, such as hunting, as well as in some sports such as dog racing, snowmobiling, helping people injured in accidents and so on. Because most of these breeds of working dogs have come into our lives to be just pets, we often forget the purpose with which these dogs were bred and that they are extremely resistant to physical exercise and very energetic to spend .

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A dog, whether at work or company, who spends the day alone at home, is more prone to obesity, chronic health problems stemming from stress and behavioral problems also due to the stress that this animal may be suffering. This is where Dog Walker comes into action, who is nothing more than the personal companion of your pet’s walks.

But how to be a Dog Walker?

There are several academies or schools that offer the course, both in face-to-face and in online mode. Being a Dog Walker, or dog walker, is a career and choice of profession, and requires a good investment just like any other profession, so when choosing a course, if you choose a face-to-face course visit the institution, talk to the students and teachers and get all your questions about the course. If you choose an online course, look for communities or groups of that institution on social media and talk to others who have taken that course to make sure you are making the right choice.

It is not necessary for you to be trained in veterinary medicine to act as Dog Walker, but in this sector there are many qualified professionals in animal behavior, training and canine psychology . So, in addition to a basic course, look for specialized courses, as the more empowered you are, the more confident the tutors will feel about hiring your services.

What is the Dog Walker translation?

Dog Walker is an English language expression. It comes from the terms Dog, which means dog, and walker, which means walker or walker. From there in Portuguese, the appearance of the expression Dog Walker .

Quite popular in the United States, it is still little known in Brazil. However, with the advancement of modern life, it has become increasingly demand for trained people who can meet the needs of their pets, offering conventional tours and providing more health and well-being to dogs.

Does it take money to give dogs a ride?

How much a Dog Walker costs and how much a Dog Walker should charge for their services is always a somewhat controversial subject, especially in a profession that still lacks values ​​standardizations.

To assist the profession, there are associations of Dog Walkers according to the regions. Some of these associations, for a monthly contribution, gives you the right to participate in forums and have access to information from professionals for longer in the market, with which you can resolve your questions. And the main question of all seems to be that of the question of price.

Like any investment, a Dog Walker is also not risk free. However, more experienced and professionally trained dog walkers can reach R $ 600 or R $ 700 per month for each dog that takes to walk for about 1h a day, 5 days a week if Monday to Friday, and these values ​​depend a lot the neighborhood in which it operates and the demand of each region, and the types of services that Dog Walker offers. If you have training skills, in addition to the walks the Dog Walker can combine an additional package with the client to teach dog tricks and other techniques of training and desensitization, for example, to eliminate the fear that the dog has of noises and fires of firework .

What is the salary of a Dog Walker?

Despite being an increasingly sought-after profession in training courses, the Dog Walker modality is not yet regulated in the Commercial Board of the state of São Paulo, and there is no union that assigns a minimum wage to a Dog Walker , since is a type of profession in which the person in charge usually exercises as an entrepreneur, not an employee.

Where to start being a dog walker?

Although it seems to be a simple service and a good profitability, it is imperative that the person interested in becoming a Dog Walker has in mind that she should invest in a good professional training course .

And, besides the love for animals, possess basic knowledge of first aid, canine psychology and positive reinforcement , in order to, in this way, provide a rewarding and satisfying ride to dogs.

The work of a dog walker consists of transmitting security and confidence, not only to the dogs under his responsibility during the tours and trainings as well as to the tutors, also, who will be sure that their “babies” are under the care of a professional trained and responsible.

What is Pet Sitter?

Coupled with the work of Dog Walker, or dog walker, another growing profession among dog lovers, is the Pet Sitter.

This is a Pets Babysitter , and consists of people who are able to take care of dogs and cats in situations where the tutor needs to travel or go on vacation , and have no one to leave their pets with. In addition, Pet Sitters can also offer the Dog Walker mode while the tutor is not enough to travel, because besides the tour, the professional will be responsible for feeding the dog daily, as well as keeping the bowl with fresh water and the environment of the dog. dog always clean, just as he spends about 1 hour more with him keeping him company.

If you want to see more information about similar to Dog Walker , please visit our advanced education section .

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