Do dogs understand humans?

Do dogs understand humans? Do you see our feelings? Do you understand our words and our language? If you are a dog’s best friend, you have probably asked this question more than once, but here is the answer.

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Recently, a study in the journal Science hasuncovered some of the canine brain mysteries , for example, that dogs use human-like mechanisms to distinguish words and different types of intonation.

The lead author of the research is Attila Andics, a scientist in the ethology department at Möte-Löte’s Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. Continue reading and discover how dogs understand humans in this complete article by Animal Expert.

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How do dogs understand humans?

People use the left hemisphere to correctly understand and relate the use of linguistics as well as a region in the right hemisphere of the brain to understand intonation. For their part, dogs, despite being unable to speak, can understand certain words that have been used frequently in their daily surroundings. Neurolinguistics is therefore not exclusive to homo sapiens .

This is one of the first studies that thoroughly analyzed the language and brain of dogs with diverse experiences to give rise to a question that perhaps many already knew the answer: dogs understand humans?

Generally, dogs tend to learn the meaning of words that are relevant in their day to day life, especially those that are used to refer to them. However, it is important to note that dogs usually remember positive words , especially those we use as a booster or as a release order.

The study was the key to knowing that dogs understand humans. To do this, 12 dogs were trained by teaching them to remain immobile, so that a brain magnetic resonance could beappropriately captured . In this way, the brain activity of these dogs could be measured by being stimulated with intonations of praise or neutral intonation.

It was determined that dogs, regardless of using the right hemisphere to perceive the intonation, always used the left, which allowed them to decipher the meaning of the words . Therefore, aside from being guided by a friendly and cheerful tone, dogs are able to understand what we are telling them (or at least try to find out).

As we have always advocated in ExpertAnimal, the use of positive reinforcement works and is effective when word and intonation go hand in hand and result in dog acceptance when feeling in a comfortable environment.

Loving and respecting our dog is essential if we are to communicate with him properly and get him to understand us. Cries, punishment methods, and other inappropriate techniques often generate stress and anxiety in the dog, impairing his learning and his state of emotional well-being.

Now that you know your dog understands him, what will he teach you? Tell us about yourself!

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