Are dogs jealous?

Affectionate, loyal and loyal as few, so are our canine companions that we rightly define as the best friend of man, since we find in them one of the best companies, getting to form a very deep emotional bond, that we can rarely define with words .

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Certainly you can already observe behaviors that look very human in your dog, because dogs should also be able to build social structures and generate a lot of empathy with what we feel and transmit.

You may have wondered if dogs are jealous , right? This is the question that we discuss in the following article of the Animal Expert.

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Emotions shared by humans and dogs

Dogs are able to dream during the deep sleep stages, dogs also have a certain structure of thought , so why not feel the emotions that we consider to be unique to humans?

Our canine friends are only able to show empathy for what we feel, but also have emotionsthat we can recognize in ourselves:

  • Weeping
  • Sadness
  • Joy
  • Restlessness
  • Jealous

Yes, dogs are also able to feel jealous as a consequence of a complex social structure and it is believed that these jealousies fulfill an important function: to preserve the relation that they have with their owner .

The proof of jealousy

A team of researchers at the University of San Diego, led by psychologist Christine Harris were responsible for conducting a study to determine if dogs were able to feel jealous, the results were surprising.

It was studied and behavior of 36 dogs of different races. When their owners interacted with various objects, such as three-dimensional children’s books, the dogs were indifferent, however, when owners interacted with a plush puppet that imitated a dog, the mechanism of jealousy came into play, and some animals even treated break the bond between their owner and what they considered a canine rival.

How do dogs express jealousy?

When a dog is jealous behavior changes are very evident and also surprising, they can be observed as follows:

  • Heartbeats and growls
  • Very shaken tail movement
  • Mechanisms to meddle between the loved one and what is considered a rival
  • Anxiety and restlessness

This behavior shows that dogs are not afraid to lose the attention of their owner and move on to a second or third plan, so they do everything possible to ward off their rival. In the experiment, in addition to barking, it was very common for the studied dogs to push the stuffed dog and to intrude between it and its owner.

What do dogs feel jealous of?

Although the study focused on the behavior of the dog before a canine rival, if you share your life with an animal of these characteristics, you will know that you may feel jealous about any situation where you do not get your full attention, such as the following:

  • Living with another dog
  • Living with another pet
  • Demonstrations of affection between the couple
  • Demonstrations of affection with the children
  • The arrival of a baby

If your dog feels that he distracts his attention and his affection for a third party, he will feel jealous and will believe that it is necessary to protect the relationship he has with you.

Prevent jealousy in dogs

Preventing a dog from entering a state of jealousy will also help prevent changes in your behavior and enjoy a more harmonious coexistence , for this, the following advice will be very useful:

  • Do not treat your dog with a child
  • Socialize your dog since puppy
  • Properly educate your dog, setting clear and well-defined limits
  • Establish a hierarchical order so that the dog is below the members of the human family
  • Eradicate aggressive and possessive behaviors from the puppy stage

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