Can dogs predict death?

Can dogs predict death? This question has been asked by many expert people in canine behavior. It is scientifically recognized that dogs are able to discover the existence of various types of cancer present in a person’s body.

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It is also known that dogs can detect the presence of positive and negative forces or energies in the environment, which the human being does not perceive. Even that they are able to see spirits . So, if we go a little further, we can speculate that thanks to their sensitive senses dogs may in some occasions predict the deaths of humans.

In this Animal Expert article we try to answer the question of whether dogs can predict death.

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The smell

The dogs’ sense of smell is superlative . Thanks to him dogs are able to achieve great feats that human technology has not yet been able to do.

They are able to detect, thanks to their prodigious olfactory sense, changes in the composition of atmospheric air in the areas that will be affected, and which happen in advance, as in the case of earthquakes.

Canine Smell and Life

It is recognized, through innumerable cases, that the dogs that accompany the rescue forces when they come to help the injured in the great catastrophes, react differently to the detection of survivors or corpses.

When they detect a live person buried in the rubble, dogs insistently and happily point out “hot” spots where firefighters and rescue crews can begin rescue immediately.

Canine scent and death

Dogs trained to detect survivors among the ruins produced by avalanches, earthquakes, floods and other catastrophes, point out in the way previously explained the points where there are people living among the ruins.

However, when they feel corpses , their behavior has a radical change . The happiness they demonstrate in finding a survivor disappears and show symptoms of discomfort and even fear. The fur of the loin becomes bristling, moaning, turning on themselves, and even in some situations howl or defecate frightened.

Why do these various canine behaviors occur?

Imagine a catastrophic scenario : the ruins of an earthquake, with living and dead victims buried over large quantities of debris, dust, wood, scrap metal, furniture, etc.

People buried, whether alive or dead, are not in sight. Therefore, the most plausible is that the dog detects the victims by their smell, and even by the ear of the person shouting.

Following the previous reasoning … How is it possible for the dog to distinguish whether the person is alive or dead? The most plausible conclusion is that there is a distinctly different odor between life and death in the human body, although the death is very recent. Some odors that the trained dog is able to differentiate.

The intermediate state

An intermediate state between life and death has a scientific name: agony .

There are many classes of agonies, the atrocious ones in which the suffering of the sick or wounded is so obvious, that anyone intuits a certain death in more or less time because the signs are evident. But there are also mild and serene agonies, in which there are no imminent signs of death, and in which technology has not yet reached the accuracy of canine smell.

If the body lives it has an odor, and when it dies it has another one different, it is not improper to think that there is a third intermediate smell for this state of the human being. We believe that this assumption answers correctly and affirmatively to the title question of this article: Can dogs predict death?

However, to be more precise I would say that on some occasions some dogs can predict death . We do not believe that all dogs can predict all deaths. If this were the case, this dog faculty would have been recognized since man and dog lived together.

Related Successes

It is known conclusively that some animals (the wolves, for example) somehow announce their imminent end to the members of their pack. Ethologists (specialists in animal behavior) argue that it is a way to prevent other individuals from getting infected and that it is best to get away from it. This behavior was also observed among cockroaches.

Why does this similarity of behavior occur between species as disparate as a wolf and a cockroach? Science gives a name to this motive: Necromonas .

In the same way that we know the meaning of pheromones (imperceptible organic compounds that animals secrete in estrus, or people with sexual desire), necromonas are another type of organic compounds that the agonizing bodies exude, and that is most probably what the dogs in some situations catch the sick people whose end is approaching.

Necromonas and feelings

Necromones were studied in a scientific way, basically among insects. Cockroaches, ants, cochineal, etc. In these insects it was observed that the chemical composition of their necromonas comes from their fatty acids . Especially of oleic acid and linoleic acid , they are the first to degrade in this one of agony.

During the experiment, zones were rubbed with these substances, observing that the cockroaches avoided to pass over, as if it is a contaminated zone.

Dogs and other animals have feelings. Different from humans, right, but equivalent. For this reason we should not be surprised that dogs or cats “watch” the last few hours of some people. And there is no doubt that no one could have told you the final outcome that will happen soon, but it is evident that they somehow sense it .

It would be very interesting to know the experiences on this topic that our readers may have had. Tell us your story!

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