Doggy Dan and the Online Dog Training Review. Is it that good as it says it is?

Every dog is a gift of nature. A dog in a family brings not only joy but health and happiness too. It is, therefore, a wonderful thing to have in any family. However, they are quite temperamental and needs a bit of patience and understanding for the bond to develop. Man and animal can be the best of friends, but only after a few sessions of training. For both. In this review, we discuss the most talked dog training exercise. Doggy Dan's Online Dog Training Video and the kind of results it promises.

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​The virtual world is a wondrous place and almost everything can be found within it. For dog owners and lovers, Doggy Dan is what they found and many have loved it. There are quite a few reasons for it. Let’s start with the most obvious ones.

As dog owners, one regret we always had was that the amazing animal never came with a set of instructions. For had that been the case, all of us would have been expert dog whisperers. But professionals we are not, and an expert is what we need. In Doggy Dan, we have found one. Or have we?​

Doggy Dan has us listening to the moment he says the words trial for 3 days for USD 1. And if you like it you start your monthly subscription for USD 37. Now, that's fair. And we like it.

An Ocean of Information​

The world is filled with a wealth of information through books and videos. Umpteen sources of information provide you with most but not all. In Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer, we have that in all one place for us to learn.​

The videos from this site are based on real life encounters as Doggy Dan, goes through his usual chores of comforting and training dogs. I know from personal experience, how difficult it would be for me to read materials on dog training and put it into action. This role is primarily played by a dog trainer and Doggy Dan perfectly fits the bill.​

The list is comprehensive and features as many as 250 videos with in-depth commentary of all the action. Dog training is all about understanding the behavioral issues of your pet and with the kind of training Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer provides is very helpful. It is in fact, a must for every dog owner as well as a lover.​

Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer, in his website has also listed the 34 common issues every owner faces from his or her ward. They are listed in a comprehensive manner and I can assure you the list is as real as it comes.​

The stamp of approval or a vote of confidence​

Or Both.

​Approved By SPCA

The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), New Zealand, is the authority on animal rights and they have quite a robust repertoire and manifest to look after animals. Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer online training website has been approved by the SPCA and this by itself is an endorsement of confidence, the governing body has on the trustworthiness of the training.​

As a dog owner as well as a dog lover, nothing can be more assuring than the highest animal rights governing body thinking the training to be true and safe. And helpful.​

The SPCA is primarily a charity which looks after sick, injured, lost and abused animals. It has been estimated that annually it receives almost 60000 animals and 14000 animal welfare complaints. It has 46 centers spread across the country and under the Animal Welfare Act, 1999; it is the only body that can prosecute individuals on charges of animal abuse.​

So given the scope and nature of work the New Zealand SPCA does, their approval of Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer is an absolute seal of confidence and us as pet owners really do not need to look for at any other place for expertise.

Audio - Visual​

In a world of so much color, the most comprehensible set of information is those which have been provided audio visually. Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer is one such medium. It's more than 250 online videos with commentary helps every owner to counter every conceivable challenge, the pet can come up with. It is also quite simple to follow and easy to remember.​

Another great feature about these videos is the thorough explanations, which Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer provides us with. The theory and psychology, as I would call it, is very expertly described and put together with the great real life videos, they are a minefield of information.​

​Understanding Your Dog

Now many owners would usually call their wards, dogs and it is quite understandable. A dog, become a part of the family, and like the child of the house, is raised in a manner befitting any human member. There is no other way we would like to do it. However, like most relationships, in the case of the human – animal bonding, the greatest pillar is understanding. How well do you understand your dog? Is it a possibility that you are missing the signals your dog is trying to relay? Very much. This gives rise to a cranky animal and an ill-tempered and embarrassed owner. So how does Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer, solve this issue.​

In the website, there is a section which teaches you the hows and whys of dog behavior. It is quite a comprehensible section which garners to most questions a dog owner would love to ask, in regards to his or her dog's erratic demeanor.​

​Some of the knowledge imparted through this section is:

  • How to create a positive relationship between you and the dog. One which is filled with trust and love. Probably the most important piece of knowledge every dog owner and lover would want to know.
  • How subtly can you instruct your dog and also see the effect it has on the animal.
  • Children have a fascination for dogs and it is also very true vice versa. To ensure the safety of children around them, the section on Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer does provide with a few tricks.
  • The psychology of a dog. It is as important as anything else you would want to know regarding a dog.

Of course, the list is not complete and has a lot more to offer. This is a detailed section where most nightmares are solved and happy endings are provided with.

Behave Yourself​

We are now deep into the website of Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer. And as we rustle through every section, the more discoveries do we make. A dog is one of the domesticable animals. Now, when I say that I basically mean, that the four-legged bundle of joy can be trained in the best possible manner and the training stays with the animal throughout its life.​

However, even before we get to that, Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer has a piece of advice. Understand your dog. Like in the previous section we dealt the bonding issues, here we deal with the behavioral issues of the animal. A dog can get irritated or even agitated for very many reasons. The trick is to understand the real reasons and not superficial ones. Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer advises to go after the root causes. Vey many times we have tried to look for solutions which aren’t even the cause. One of the reasons why we have failed so miserably to create a great bonding between man and human.​

​Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer has a long list of behavioral issues listed and their solutions.

  • Is the dog jumping on people?
  • Is it running away seeing them?
  • Is it suffering from bouts of fears and phobias?
  • Does it have separation anxiety? Now, this is a kind of fear every animal suffers from, time to time. It is extremely important to understand the root cause and then deal with it.
  • Is your dog an attention seeker? Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing. However, if the barking becomes unbearable, there is a problem and needs to be dealt right away.
  • Does your dog suffer from obsessive compulsive behavior?
  • Remember, dogs and animals, in general, are hyperactive. But hyperactivity too comes with its limits. If your dog is hyperactive beyond a point, look for signs. Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer will explain and tell you how and where.
  • Another cause of concern for dog owners is the incessant barking of the dog when alone. As stated in a point earlier, they are essentially attention seekers, but are usually calm and at peace when left alone. If the barking does not stop then too, we have an issue at hand.

The list is endless and each hypothesis comes with a solution. Of course, the videos section also help because most of these training is done live and recorded. So you have a fair idea of what needs to be done.

E. Harris Proud Pet Owner

I started training with Doggy Dan's videos several weeks before bringing home our 7-week old puppy. When Abby arrived, I felt well equipped to tackle raising a puppy. By then I had watched every video and really focused on the Project Moses training. I was amazed at the results with my very young girl. Dan knows exactly what works to change a dog’s bad behavior.

​The Pied Piper of Doggy Land

​Who is Doggy Dan? Dan Abdel Noor is his full name and he is one of the leading dog trainers of New Zealand. He is a professional dog trainer, an animal behaviorist, animal rights campaigner and an author. Dan has been a full-time dog trainer most of life and does all his consultations himself. His videos are a testament to all the experience he has gained throughout his life, till date as a leading expert in the field of dog training. All these videos are hence totally real and none of them are staged.

​Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer is a remarkable effort from Dan and his gentle ways to deal with dogs has garnered enough praise and appreciation. The numerous testimonials add up to his already earned reputation as one of the best in New Zealand, in his field.

Dan is also a television personality, a celebrity dog trainer and is the very proud owner of three dogs, one of whom is named Moses.​

So what all can you learn from Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer:​

I would say plenty. In fact, everything one needs to know about dogs. Essentially, nothing is left out. You name it, the site has it. Nowhere has such an exhaustive nature of information on one subject have ever been provided. So let us see what all does Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer provides us with:​

  • It talks about all the breeds in the dog family
  • It explains the understanding of a dog’s space
  • It talks about why it barks, digs runs away and pretty much every action your dog does is wonderfully explained
  • Why is it aggressive and what does it signify
  • Does it bite? Is that playfully or it has a danger in it?

And much more. Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer has left nothing to the imagination and every aspect of dog training has been professionally explained and visually put forward.

The Gentle Trainer​: No Pain or Fear

Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer has always maintained that dog training has no room for aggression and all his training methodologies are based on creating a personal space between him and the animal. It is because of this, he states, that dogs trust him and he has been so successful in training almost every breed of dogs. Remember, Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer has courses which have been approved by none other the New Zealand SPCA and hence there cannot be any room for hurting or causing pain to the animal. The usage of force or fear has been eliminated and all his approach is scientifically and logically proven. Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer has also taken the system of threat and reward out of the training procedures, ensuring that the animal is strictly programmed to instructions and instructions only.

Dan The Dog Trainer

So now let's come to the most important point of this review. Is Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer the awesome trainer that is made out to be. Now all this while we were discussing the website and its many features, but nowhere are we yet to discuss the man himself. So here it is. Dan is as good a trainer as they come. He is pure confidence and a bundle of knowledge and the way he handles all his subjects, and in this case, dogs are what legends are made up of. Dan does ooze charisma and his dogs are aware of his persona. They seemed to be in awe too. So are we. His videos very pertinently show his calm and chilled out exterior and that reflects on his methodologies too. His passion for making a difference to the dogs he trains shows. His approach towards his tasks is very simple to learn, comprehend and implement and there is no use of any unnecessary terminology. Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer is one brilliant trainer on film and one of the reasons why you should be a part of this website is because of the learning you will get by simply observing the man.

Also, let’s not forget the entertainment value of the videos. You will have plenty of it.

Why do I have to see when I can read?

Now, this is a question many have asked, which would include me too. Remember, training videos help you to get the wholesome experience of training per se. The video will help you get a 360 degrees view of what's happening. Many times, there will be training videos of a kennel of dogs, and you will come across the various nuances and behavioral traits of them. This cannot be got through a book or even an e-book. As mentioned earlier, in a world so full of colors, the easiest way to comprehend knowledge is to visualize it. Along with expert commentary, the videos have great knowledge as well entertainment quotient.

Another aspect that I feel is so very much relevant to videos is the putting to use what has been learned. More often that, what we read turns out to be impractical in real life. Through a video, you can actually watch real life scenarios put into play and also understand them completely.

Books are great and there is no doubt of it but when it comes to a subject as energetic as a dog, you better see to believe it.

The Real Secret of Dog Training

Well honestly, as Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer, states, there is no real secret. All it needs is compassion and trust and it becomes your friend in no time. But, yes there are some myths that need to be debunked.

The first and foremost being likening the dog to a human. Yes, we love them. Yes, we mean the best for them. But that should not blur the lines. A dog is a dog. Period. A canine and is four legged. Its perception of life is very different to ours. And it has to be respected and dealt with accordingly. The moment we start treating them as human beings, we are clouding our level of understanding. Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer flags this as one of the greatest mistakes. But the moment we take them as what they are, we begin to appreciate their needs and wants. Then it becomes easier for us to effectively handle them. As Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer quotes,

“Win the mind of the dog, the body wins”
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Makes sense in a maddening world.

Myths galore: Like every type of training, there are the whole set of myths that have been subjected to practical usage over the years. These myths have been performed on these hapless and loving animals for years and as a result, have established themselves as the cardinal rule. Most trainers fall for it and then the training becomes nightmarish for the animal.

Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer has a simple rule when it comes to such myths. He calls them rubbish and disperses them with a far more pragmatic approach, which has earned him the reputation that he has.

A few myths that Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer has sought to dispel.

1. Stop that barking with the shock collar

Now when putting on a human, expect pain and agony as Dan himself has found out. On a dog, it is downright a violation. A shock collar is a small electrical box attached to the collar and gives out a low shock when activated. To bluntly put for want of any other word, Dan calls it cruel. One cannot train a dog with the incentive of pain. It really does not work. The dog will slowly withdraw into a shell and may stop barking forever. Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer warns that dogs are extremely sensitive animals and depression does hit them hard.

2. Shout and scream and your dog will obey.

It sure will obey because it will fear. Over a period of time, the smart animals will completely start ignoring these instructions making the owner look like a fool and an enemy. Training a dog comes with the primary requisite of gaining its trust. If you can do that, then half the battle is won.

3. A dog trainer carries a magic wand

Cannot be far from the truth. Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer gives the analogy of one’s child. Can you have a child trainer train your child and make him or her more pliable to your instructions? The greatest training is done by the owner and the dog trainer will simply act as a guide. Of course, there are certain responsibilities which the trainer will discharge but Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer states very clearly that without the proper guidance of the owner, the dog can no way learn.

These and more such relevant myths have been discussed and dispelled in the site. The reason I call them relevant is because till a point even I have suffered from these delusionary ideas. Before one gets a dog they have to clear these myths in order to achieve the maximum from the human-animal relationship.

Project Moses

As I had mentioned earlier, Dan is the proud owner of three dogs. One of them is Moses, SPCA Border Collie x Labrador puppy. In Project Moses, Dan has filmed the raising of this kid right from the time he had brought him in at 8 weeks till he was one year old.

As a viewer, you can go through the joy of bringing a puppy home to bringing him up and raising him as a responsible dog. It also gives its viewers a timeline to follow and much education too. While filming the raising of Moses, Dan has been able to educate his viewers in a few discernible areas of dog training:

  • Bringing home a bundle of joy
  • Integrating the puppy into the family
  • Treating the puppy when it cries at night
  • Formulating methods to teach obedience
  • House training

The video is very much along the lines of a movie and is quite heartening and enjoyable. Along with the knowledge gained one can be assured of entertainment too.

The video also provides some very deep insights into the world of puppies.

The need to socialize your puppy and its important.

The feeding and dietary habits of the puppy and what to provide and what to avoid.

And most importantly, to walk your puppy without a leash as Dan explains the need to create an environment where the puppy fully understands your instructions.

The video is comprehensive, easily comprehensible, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.

The Forum​

​This part of the site is for members only and acts as a knowledge repository. It has questions asked by various members and the answers to most issues and problems faced by dog owners can be found here. The best part is that most of the questions are answered by Dan himself. He goes into details as to how to deal with problematic situations and get hold of one's dog. The difference between this forum and the numerous other in other sites is that members are left to fend for themselves there. But here, no question will be left unanswered. Also, for those seeking professional help to very particular situations, this forum will give you its very best. Dan answers these questions in the most in-depth manner. Not only does it show his professionalism but also the passion he carries for his job.

The forum is part of the package and is comprehensive in its approach. It is a very useful resource and the positive reviews show for it.

Some other features of the site​

Audio Download: There are plenty of audio downloads to be got hold of. So if you physically busy into something, just put on a headset and listen. The matters are in depth and easy to implement. Moreover, the subjects are from real life experiences of Dan himself and hence the solutions are very much practical. The audios are optional, though since you already have access to the videos which are pretty much detailed in it.

Access for 3 days for only a dollar: Probably the greatest feature the site can possibly boot off. You have total access to the website for a full 3 days and that too for just $1. Cannot get better than this. This would mean all the above knowledge is on your plate for a dollar. Of course, if you do not wish to continue you can immediately deactivate it and forget that you had ever visited the site.

Subscription: For a nominal $37, you can subscribe to this wonderful site and become a part of Dan’s immensely growing network. Now, there is a possibility that you might find this amount a tad expensive. In that case, let me give you the average charges of dog training sessions. Going by the rate of $50 to $100 an hour, the monthly cost comes to anywhere from $300 to $500. Also, the monthly subscription cost is highly competitive and most other monthly subscriptions will not be available at this price. The ones which might certainly be not as comprehensive as Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer. Also, you have the option of canceling it any moment, without any charges.

Money Back: Now if nothing works for you, and I am sure that will never be the case, Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer comes with a 100% risk-free, 60 money back guarantee. All you need to do is mail Dan and you have your money back. I can only recall shopping sites with this kind of confidence.​

Testimonials like the one above are in plenty and given the kind of training materials provided, it is to be expected. It is for no reason that Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer has such a great following.

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With SPCA endorsement and 250+ videos, Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer is the course to get. In-depth commentary, detailed methodologies, gentle and charming training, this website is perhaps the greatest finds a dog owner and a lover can possibly ask for. However, I could have wished for the videos to be downloadable, but for $1 subscription I really do not expect it to be.Doggy Dan: The Online Dog Trainer, it's a dog's world out there and it is wonderful.​

Emily Harris

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