Puppy vomiting white foam – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Vomiting in dogs is, like many other clinical signs, common in many diseases or the consequence of processes that are not related to any pathology.

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In this article from Perito Animal we will recapitulate some of the most frequent causes: Puppy vomiting white foam – causes, symptoms and treatment !

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Puppy vomiting yellow foam – gastritis

True vomit, that is, when the matter accumulated in the stomach goes outwards, can have several origins, with inflammation of the gastric mucosa (gastritis) being the most common. If a dog suffers from gastritis caused by a virus, you will see in his vomit food leftovers that day.

But as with humans, after a few hours of starting to vomit, a yellowish or white liquid will appear. Although there is no longer anything in the stomach, the vomiting does not end and what we see is a mixture of gastric juices.

What can you do if your puppy suffers from gastritis?

Regarding gastritis , it is important to note that the causes of irritation and inflammation of the gastric mucosa are multiple. We should investigate the actual cause of the vomiting . It is common for the veterinarian to advise a period of fasting (depending on race and age); a gastric shield to decrease the acidity of the stomach and an anti-emetic (drug to reduce vomiting).

Oral administration is not very effective. For this reason, the veterinarian usually opts for injectable administrations at the outset and ask the tutor to continue oral home treatment.

It is not just the typical gastroenteritis viruses that cause vomiting. This problem can also be caused by accidental ingestion of irritating products (such as poisonous dog plants ). You should indicate as much data as possible to the veterinarian because a full history is very useful, especially in these cases, to arrive at a diagnosis.

If the dog vomits too much, it can lose substances essential for the balance of the organism (electrolytes like chlorine and potassium) and the smaller dogs can dehydrate very quickly.

Is there any other substance that causes irritation of the gastric mucosa?

The liver and kidneys are part of the dog’s body clearance system. When any of them fails, residues that irritate the gastric mucosa can be created.

Renal or hepatic failure often causes vomiting without food content and with a yellowish or whitish appearance. If your dog is already of an age and these vomits are accompanied by other signs (urination, drinking more, loss of appetite, apathy …) it is possible that the origin is a change in the renal or hepatic system.

Is it possible to prevent this type of vomit from white or yellowish foam?

In the case of viral gastritis, we have no other remedy without waiting for the virus to disappear . It usually comes on abruptly and disappears in a few hours, but in the meantime, you should be aware that the dog does not dehydrate and administer the drugs that the veterinarian prescribed.

If the source of the vomiting is an irritation, as when eating part of a slightly toxic plant, the solution is to identify the person responsible and prevent our dog from accessing it. A stomach shield may be needed to decrease the production of gastric acids.

In cases where white foam vomiting is caused by a kidney or liver problem, there is not much you can do to prevent it from appearing. The only thing you can do is follow the treatment that the veterinarian advised.

What you can is to detect the problem at the beginning when we are still on time to act according to the disease. Performing annual checks on puppies older than 7 or 8 years of age, according to race, may reveal early cases of renal failure (complete blood test). We advise you to read the article on chronic kidney failure in cats because the mechanism of production of vomiting is the same in the dog.

Dog vomits white fluid – heart problems

Often the first symptom of heart disease in dogs is a hoarse, dry cough . At the end of this violent coughing episode, the dog vomits a white foam with the appearance of “beaten egg white”.

Sometimes we confuse this cough with kennel cough and at other times we think the dog may be choking on something … But this sign may be from a sick heart that began to grow larger in the face of the impossibility of fulfilling the its function (accumulating blood in the chambers and, not being able to pump, ends up dilating).

This increase in size can compress the trachea causing irritation, which causes this cough followed by white foam vomiting, although the mechanism by which heart problems produce coughing and vomiting are more complex.

How to know if this is the cause of vomiting?

Although not exhaustive, we usually find this type of white foam vomiting in older dogs or in dogs that are not old but have a genetic predisposition to heart problems such as: shih tzu , yorkshire terrier , bichon maltese , king charles cavalier, boxer …

We do not always notice when our dog has difficulty finishing the walks, panting too much and / or a cough appears followed by vomit with white foam. All of this information can greatly help the veterinarian along with the complementary tests (auscultation, x-ray, echocardiography ..) to arrive at a correct diagnosis .

The treatment is very variable, as are the different possibilities of heart problems. An example is valve stenosis (closing or opening badly) but there are many other possibilities.

Generally, the associated vomiting cough ends a few days after starting a common treatment for almost all cardiac processes, antihypertensives (enalapril, benazepril) and a mild diuretic so as not to overload the weak heart (spironolactone, chlorothiazide … ) accompanied by a special diet for heart patients.

Puppy vomiting white foam – kennel cough

The kennel cough is another type of irritation of the trachea that causes a dry cough and a foamy vomit at the end.

It is important to recapture all data that may help the veterinarian to distinguish this type of disease from a heart failure or from ingesting a foreign body. Is there a piece of something missing in the house? A physical exploration can confirm, but sometimes they are such small things that we do not even know they were in our kitchen or in our room.

How to avoid kennel cough?

In the article on kennel cough you will find the vaccination plans and the precautions to take in the times of higher incidence of this infectious disease. The treatment that allows to stop the vomit of white foam, depends on the case, the age and previous diseases of the dog. The veterinarian may find it appropriate to prescribe an anti-inflammatory along with an antitussive. In more severe cases, an antibiotic may be needed.

Dog vomits white foam – collapsed trachea

The collapse of the trachea can also produce white foam of vomiting, as it causes a difficulty in breathing , and a consequent coughing fit. If your dog is of a race predisposed to this disease, is already a certain age and have ruled out all possible causes of vomiting, it is possible that this tracheal alteration is to blame.

Can we prevent tracheal collapse?

Collapsed trachea is a matter of each race, the quality of the cartilaginous rings of the trachea and other things beyond our control. However, you should put a harness in place of a leash in the dog, keep the dog at the ideal weight, and do not subject him to intense exercise. This can control the symptoms .

The veterinarian may find it necessary, in severe cases, to administer bronchodilators so that the air passes through the trachea and reaches the lungs more easily.

White foamy vomit

This may sound strange but some breeds like the shih tzu, yorkshire terrier, poodle and bichon maltese have a small trachea (with or without collapse) and the heart can be large in nature (especially in brachycephalic dogs such as pug ). Heart valves usually degenerate causing cardiac changes, making them perfect candidates to vomit white foam, simply because they are themselves .

The gold medal of white foam vomiting should probably be attributed to the bulldog , simply because yes (or for all the food he ate). You should separate the water from the food, the feeder should be high and should avoid stress or anxiety after the animal eats. But seeing the tutor arrive home is usually enough to trigger the vomit , either food or white foam if the stomach is empty.

As you can see, white foam vomiting can have multiple origins. As always, YourCatCareguide advises that during the veterinary consultation, you inform as much data as possible that will help the veterinarian to determine the cause.

This article is purely informative, in YourCatCareguide.com.br we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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