17 dog breeds you’ve never heard of

There are many breeds of dogs in the world, whose number of specimens varies according to location. Some races are very old, while others are only emerging now. Crosses over time allowed the emergence of new races, while wars and other aspects led many to extinction.

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Currently, the International Federation of Cinology recognizes about 350 breeds around the world and rare are the people who know them all. For this reason, YourCatCareguide has gathered some breeds that you probably do not know, as well as some of its characteristics and curiosities.

Keep reading to know 17 dog breeds you’ve never heard of !

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The Keeshond is a docile dog dedicated to its tutors, possessing a special affection for children. He is tolerant of strangers and other animals, being an excellent family dog ​​or guard dog. It is an animal that loves to receive affection from his family, never having to be trapped abroad. Keeshond is an energetic dog that needs a lot of exercise and space. Its characteristic coat makes it one of the most admired breeds in the world thanks to its resemblance to a plush animal.

Peeled Mexican

Pelado Mexicano is a breed with Mexican origin, as the name implies. It is very popular in its country and its origin is very old, having been used by the Mayas and the Aztecs to protect the home of evil spirits. It can be found in standard or miniature size and, as its name says, is an animal devoid of fur.

Little lion dog

The small lion dog, of French origin where it is called the Petit Chien Lion, is an active and resilient animal whose breed is the rarest in the world. It is also a brave dog that challenges larger animals and is easily trained. Although dense, its coat does not guarantee much insulation.


The Shepherd-bergamasco is a race of Italian origin used like guard dog and shepherd. It is a docile, strong, loyal and hardworking dog with a sturdy, rustic structure. It has a sheepskin coat that keeps it warm all the time.

Cirneco do Etna

The Cirneco di Etna is a little-known breed outside of Sicily, its place of origin. It is a dog that has difficulty accustoming to the urban world, needing constant physical exercise. Despite being a very loyal animal, it is a difficult dog to train. It has big ears and erect, being this one of the most peculiar characteristics of the race.


The Harrier is a breed with physical characteristics similar to that of the English Foxhound, which is also known as “Beagle on Steroids” for being a muscular dog. She has a cheerful personality, sociable and calm, of easy dressage. It is a strong and firm dog.


The Puli is a canine breed from Hungary that was used to shepherd and store flocks of sheep. Almost extinct during World War II, the Puli has a loyal and active temperament, being an excellent companion dog. They are easily trained, so they are perfect dogs for agility tests .

Plott hound

The Plott hound is a dog raised in North Carolina (US) for the purpose of hunting bears and wild boars. Currently, it continues being used like hunting dog being particularly effective when they hunt in pack. They are dogs that need space to run, and should not be kept in apartments or small spaces. They love to interact with people and play in the water.

Dandie dinmont terrier

The Dandie dinmont terrier is a small dog with Scottish origin. Its name was inspired by a novel of Walter Scott named Guy Mannering after to have appeared in paintings that represented the aristocracy of Scotland. He is a loyal dog, calm and tolerant, with short legs and long back.

Pastor de Beauce

The Beauce Shepherd is a breed of French origin, also known as Shepherd-beauceron. These dogs were initially used as shepherd dogs, protecting the sheep and wolf’s cows. It is currently used as a companion dog and guard dog. He is a gentle, brave, alert and protective dog.

Visigoth Spitz

This rare dog loves attention and is very dedicated to its tutor. She loves to do tricks as agility, and she has a determined, courageous and energetic personality. It originates in Sweden, being the canine symbol of the country.


The Otterhound, called an otter dog, is a serene and cheerful personality breed, and can alternate between a very active and a little lazy dog. They love the water and are very resistant to the cold, having been used in the pursuits of the otters in inside burrows and in rivers. Because otter hunting has been banned, this dog only lives as a companion dog.

Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Spaniel is a breed of gentle dogs from England. Although they have been used as hunting dogs, they are not particularly fast or active dogs, being only good trackers. It is common to carry objects in the mouth as if presenting trophies. It is currently used only as a companion dog.


Saluki comes from the Middle East and was considered a real dog in Ancient Egypt. Some people believe that this is the oldest breed of domesticated puppies. It has a aerodynamic structure that allows to reach great speeds, being a tall, patient and graceful dog.


Brie Shepherd is a breed originally developed in France. During World War I, it was used as a soldier’s dog, sending messages between officers and locating wounded soldiers. It is also known as a “golden heart wrapped in hair”, as it is a very loyal animal.


The Schipperke is a small dog that is also called the “Tasmanian Devil” because it is a very active, curious and energetic animal. It needs a lot of exercise and training, otherwise it will be a dog too hectic.


If you like big dogs, you will love this breed. The Leonberger, known as the gentle giant, is an excellent family dog ​​that is characterized by its kindness, self-discipline and calm. The Leonberger dog is, as well as a labrador, considered a therapeutic animal.

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