Breeds of dogs barking little

Before adopting a dog and taking it home it is important to think about which breed we can offer the best conditions. A large dog in a small apartment will never be a good idea since, in general, they are dogs that need the space and freedom to be happy.

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In addition to size, it is important to examine other issues before adopting a dog. For example, the amount of exercise that needs or beats a lot. This last point matters a lot, since some neighbor can complain about the heartbeat.

Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we are going to give you a list of breeds of dogs that bark little .

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This list is not ordered from less to more, but if we were to put a race on the podium of dogs barking little would be, without doubt, the Basenji.

This African dog breed is known precisely for this, for not barking. It does not mean that they do not emit any sound, but that their barking is very peculiar . In fact, some people liken it to the sound of laughter. The sound of Basenji barking has nothing to do with the normal barking of any dog.

Also, barking does not mean they are quiet. Basenji are very energetic dogs. Prepare some good sneakers as you will have the privilege of enjoying with your furry friend a very long walks of active exercise .


The Bloodhound or Hound of Saint Humbert is a breed of Belgian origin characterized by its calm and tranquility . These characteristics, coupled with great tolerance, make you a great candidate to adopt if you have children.


The Newfoundland dog is a good example of a large, quiet, barking dog . In fact, it is one of the races known as “nanny dog” because of how gentle it is with children. If you live near the sea, I believe you have a real “beach watchman” at your side. The Newfoundland are known for their love of water and the waste they have already made. That’s why they stand out among the rescue dogs.

Did you know that there are other breeds considered nanny dogs? In the last century, for example, the Pitbull Terrier was a nanny dog par excellence.

Akita Inu

If you like Japanese culture and quiet dogs, Akita Inu is your ideal pet. This breed from Japan is barking very little, in addition, it is said that if an Akita barks is because there really is a big reason to do so.

Discover also in YourCatCareguide more breeds of Japanese dogs , they all have a really special charm.


Another big dog, quiet and beating little. This dog is known for its great strength and size , and is also part of our special quiet dog club.

The Rottweiler needs a lot of activity because of its excellent physical condition. Exercise is one of the basic pillars of your pet’s happiness. But not only that, one of the most powerful reasons for a dog to bark is that it’s annoying.

If your pet usually barks in excess, you may be saying “Come play and walk with me.”

Labrador Retriever

Besides being a very nice and affectionate dog in the treatment, also stands out for not barking in excess. What should be taken into account when adopting a Labrador Retriever is that it is a playful and very active dog .

Begin from puppy to socialization , something fundamental to the happiness of any dog ​​and provide him with a training, otherwise his enthusiastic character can lead him to be a bit destructive.

Australian pastor

The Australian Shepherd is a cyclone of activity. In fact, we could say that its main characteristics are enthusiasm, vitality and energy . On the contrary, it is not a dog that beats a lot.

We come back to remind you of the importance of educating your pet from the start. An untrained Australian Shepherd is an uncontrolled wind swirl. If you are not going to be able to offer your Australian Shepherd a great physical activity, it is better to look for another breed that is more in line with your lifestyle.

Great Dane

The German Dogue, also known as the Danish Dog, is a quiet and calm but very large dog . This large size, as we have seen in other cases, makes you need to exercise in abundance.

One of the most famous dogs in history is a German Dogue, can you remember which one? Scooby Doo was a German Dogue.


The Pug is one of the few small dogs we have on this list of breeds of dogs that bark little. Known may also have been the pet of historical characters such as Marie Antoinette or Josephine Bonaparte, his character is very nice and silent. The Pug is a calm and affectionate dog that will undoubtedly leave you enchanted.


Be it a French or English Bulldog , in both cases we are facing a silent breed. Bulldogs are dogs in general who do not need to do much exercise and live in a state of calm. They are perfect for people who do not have time to exercise but want to have a nice dog by their side.

Big dogs = silent dogs?

As you may have noticed, except for two exceptions, all dogs on the list are large in size. Does that mean that small dogs bark more? No, but unfortunately, many small dog owners do not see great importance in educating their pets. Their reasoning is that being small will not hurt anyone, so they do not need to be educated.

We are facing a big mistake since a puppy needs dressing doses to be happy . Precisely, one of the causes that can motivate the barking is a bad socialization. Anyway, if your dog beats excessively, we recommend that you check our advice to prevent the dog from biting .

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