The Bobtail dog was born in the west of England during the 19th century, when it was used as a shepherd dog because of its great abilities. Its origin is unknown although sources claim that it has its origin in the old breed Ovcharka, with the Bearded collie, the Deerhound and the Poodle. After a first presentation in an exhibition, in 1880 the Bobtail race in the Kennel Club was recognized. Find out more about this breed next in YourCatCareguide.

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Physical appearance

A long time ago he was known as a former English shepherd, a large, muscular dog . It stands out for its coat of gray, blue and white tones although normally we see it of two shades. As the years go by, the Bobtail’s fur becomes longer, harder and denser, making him need constant care.

We could define its appearance as sweet and kind , although its size will turn it into a giant teddy. The males measure up to 61 centimeters up to the cross and the females about 55 centimeters. The weight is between 30 and 35 kg. Its body is compact, large and square that ends in a short tail that most of the time is of natural origin. There are also breeders who cut their tail, something illegal in many countries.


The Bobtail’s personality leaves anyone enthralled , since most people refer to him as “a very human dog” because of the trust, affection, and empathy they feel in knowing this breed. In England it is known as nanni-dog because it is a patient dog, kind and in which many parents usually trust in the moment of play with the children.


Overall, we speak of a very kind dog that will behave very well with children and adults paying special attention to their family members who follows and shows their affection. It also tends to get along with other pets we may have at home.


This puppy has two very important needs that we must fulfill if we want it to be a happy dognext to us.

To begin with we should know that the Bobtail needs a great deal of exercise and outings, so it is ideal for people who practice various types of sport with their animals or who are willing to take walks and excursions. You should be aware that this dog needs at least 3 walks a day combined with some exercise, something that will help you keep your muscles strong and healthy.

It is very important to keep in mind your need for exercise, otherwise it will be very damaging to the Bobtail and can lead to serious problems of stress and frustration. The well-trained Bobtail can even adapt to live in an apartment, whenever we have time to dedicate and a temperature in him that is stable and fresh, because the Bobtail does not withstand extreme heat.

Another thing you must have clear is the dedication you must give your hair to make it look beautiful, healthy and free from us. Brushing it every day should be one of your everyday tasks. In addition, by having a long hair and susceptible to us, you should be aware that you should take it to a canine aesthetic center or learn to cut off your hair, a task that is ideal for careful and delicate people.


The first problem that we have to mention is the risk of suffering from otitis, since the ears full of at the same favor the humidity that, could cause an infection. You should also take care of your face hair so it does not end up in your eyes.

They are also susceptible to hip dysplasia , a common problem in large size puppies. This disease is degenerative and mainly affects mobility as a cause of poor joint formation. Another very similar disease is the Wobbler syndrome that affects the puppies causing cramp in the hind legs.

Other health problems can be diabetes, deafness or eye disorders (cataracts and retinal atrophy).

And to end the health issue of Bobtail, we have to make reference to your predisposition to suffer from a stomach twist , something that we can easily avoid by dividing the diet in several meals and avoiding exercise before and after eating.


As with all puppies, we must socialize the Bobtail as a puppy so that it respects, knows and begins its training as another member of our family. They are very sympathetic to their families if they receive a friendly, kind treatment based on positive reinforcement .

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