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Everyone who has a dog knows how loyal these animals are. A dog never leaves us. He is present in the good and the bad times, in the hours of sadness and joy. Always ready to take a walk with us and fill us with licking in the face. Without a doubt, a dog helps us to show our best and fills our days with joy.

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For this reason, there are numerous phrases that refer to dogs, man’s best friends. YourCatCareguide has put together the best dog phrases to inspire you. Keep reading!

Phrases for my dog

We put together the best phrases dedicated to our dogs. They devote us their whole lives, so there is nothing better than to reciprocate with phrases for my dog :

  • “In the lap of my dogs, I forget ingratitude” – Leticia Bergallo
  • “The more I know men, the more I admire my dog” – Edward Olivia
  • “You’ve always been by my side when I needed you. In life and death, I’ll always love you” – Unknown
  • “The dog is that type of animal coated more of soul than of hair” – Lais Lemma
  • “I love the dog. It does not do anything for political reasons” – Will Rogers
  • “Dogs’ life is too short, their only fault, really” – Agnes Sligh Turnbull
  • “This one understands me even without speaking Portuguese” – Unknown
  • “Whenever I get home you’re waiting for me cheerfully” – Unknown
  • “You can destroy my shoes, my furniture, my garden, but never my heart” – Unknown

Phrases: dog loyal friend

Loyalty is one of the main characteristics of dogs. For this reason, we have put together the best phrases that refer to the faithfulness of the dog in relation to the man.

  • “It does not matter if a dog is a breed, they will always love us and never abandon us!” – Talita Siste
  • “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves him more than he loves himself” – Josh Billings
  • “Only my dogs will never betray me” – Maria Callas
  • “There is no faith that has ever been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog” – Konrad Lorenz
  • “History has many more examples of dog loyalty than friends” – Alexandre Pope

Friend dog quotes

  • “Dogs only bark at anyone they do not know” – Heraclitus
  • “Because imaginary friends? When you have a dog licking its nose and demonstrating how important you are in his life?” – Drielle de Sousa
  • “I am happy and honored to have a sincere friend, He is made of readiness, trust, respect and courage.” He knows no hatred, no envy or no lie, always happy, always in favor … It only brings joy and hope in life … He is a dog “- Elcio Souza Geremias
  • “Happy dogs, who discover friends by the light” – Machado de Assis
  • “With dogs, I did not just learn what it’s like to have a pet, but to have a real friend” – Gabriel Thomson Gusmão
  • “No one can complain about the lack of a friend, having a dog” – Marquis de Marica
  • “They can not speak, but they will know how to keep quiet” – Unknown
  • “The best way to talk to dogs is to keep quiet”

Phrases: love dogs

The dogs love us unconditionally. Here are some of the most popular phrases that refer to the love of dogs by their tutors:

  • “The only creatures that are evolved enough to carry pure love, are dogs and children” – Johnny Depp
  • “Man himself can not express love and humility by outward signs, as clearly as a dog, when he meets his beloved master” – Charles Darwin
  • “If it were possible to write the story of all dogs that loved and were loved by the human race, every dog ​​story would look like every other story.” – James Douglas
  • “The love of a dog towards its owner is directly proportional to the affection received” – Unknown
  • “All men are gods to their dog, so there are more people who love their dogs more than men” – Aldous Huxley
  • “Love and respect your dog every day, he is the only one who will welcome you with love, affection and happiness even after you leave him alone all day” – Unknown
  • “Dogs give their human companions unconditional love and they are always there, with a tail wagging encouraging when they need it. The dog really is a very special animal” – Dorothy Pat Hinshaw
  • “God created the dog so that men would have a practical example of how to love.” – Izaú Melo

Abandoned dog phrases

Abandonment is one of the most cruel acts a man can do to the dog. Here are some doggy phrases abandoned :

  • “Somewhere, there will always be an abandoned dog that keeps me from being happy.” – Jean Anouil
  • “If you pick up a hungry dog ​​and give it comfort, it will not bite you. That’s the difference between the dog and the man” – Mark Twain
  • “You can not buy love, but you can adopt it” – Unknown
  • “Adopted is my favorite breed” – Unknown
  • “You will not change the world by adopting a dog, but you will change the world of this dog” – Unknown

Tumblr dog quotes

  • “It is possible to live without a dog, but no one deserves this pity” – Heinz Ruhman
  • “Dogs are better than humans because they know they do not count” – Emily Dickinson
  • Sometimes it takes a dog with bad breath, poor manners and pure intentions to help us see. “- Book: Marley & Me
  • “To err is human – Forgive, canine” – Unknown
  • “We can judge a man’s heart by the way he treats animals” – Kant
  • “A dog shakes his tail with his heart” – Martin Buxbaum

Funny Puppy Phrases

Relationships with our dogs do not only involve love and affection, they also involve moments of fun. For this reason, you could not miss in this article funny dog ​​phrases :

  • “Dogs never bite me, only humans” – Marilyn Monroe
  • “You can say anything stupid to a dog, that it will look at you and say,” My God, you’re right “I would never have thought of it” “- Dave Barry
  • “The reason I love my dog ​​so much is because when I get home he’s the only one who treats me like I’m the Beatles” – Bill Maher
  • “Dogs have reason for so many friends, it’s because they wag their tail rather than their tongue” – Unknown
  • “There’s no psychiatrist in the world like a dog licking his face” – Bern Williams
  • “Whiskey is man’s best friend, he’s the bottled dog” – Vinícius de Moraes
  • “It’s better to have a friend dog than a dog friend” – Unknown

Other dog phrases

Do you know more dog phrases? Did you come up with a phrase yourself or do you know phrases from someone else’s authorship? Share!

There is no question of how inspiring the dogs are. Do you have a faithful friend who never disappoints you and is always on your side? Dedicate a sentence to your dog in the comments.

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