On this page of the YourCatCareguide breed, you can find information about the papillon dog , also known as dwarf spaniel or butterfly dog, for its literal translation of French. It is one of the most elegant dogs in the world and comes from France and Belgium.

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Here are some key principles you should know if you are thinking of adopting one: the characteristics of the breed, how your training works, and your possible relationship with children. But before, a bit of history: ç

The papillon dog became really popular when Tiziano Vicelli painted it in century XVI . After that, many other famous painters like Watteau or Fragonard began to include the dog papillon in its works. This is how papillon dogs were considered royalty dogs, since they were included in the family paintings of the most important kings of Europe. The papillon has become a trend . Some people claim that Marie Antoinette had a papillon. This handsome, gentle water dog has changed slightly in physical morphology in the 19th century, when breeding aficionados began to select erect ears, a characteristic we know of today’s papillon dogs. The breed was not recognized until 1935.

Nowadays, the papillon is still an excellent companion dog, much loved by the owner. Want to open why? Check out all you need to know about the papillon puppy:

  • Europe
  • Belgium
  • France
 FCI Classification
  • Grupo IX
 Physical characteristics
  • 15-35
  • 35-45
  • 45-55
  • 55-70
  • 70-80
  • More than 80
 Adult weight
  • 1-3
  • 3-10
  • 10-25
  • 25-45
  • 45-100
 Hope of life
  • 8-10
  • 10-12
  • 12-14
  • 15-20
 Recommended physical activity
  • Low
  • Average
  • High
 Recommended weather
 Type of hair

Physical appearance of papillon dog

The papillon is a small dog that measures about 23 inches tall to the cross and weighs between 1 and 5 kilograms. His appearance is fine and elegant, and his delicate head stands out with two large butterfly-shaped ears, his most famous physical attribute. Its coat is white with black, brown or red spots. Can be found in very different colors. Lastly, we must not forget his spiky hairy tail that gives it a unique look.

Finally, we must mention that there are “two types” of papillon dog: what we know with the erect and spangled ears or another that shows them more fallen. Top organizations rank dogs as being of the same breed, regardless of their ears.

Behavior of the papillon dog

Each dog has a definite and concrete personality that can vary according to the education they receive. With good socialization since the puppy , we can say that the papillon is a smart and social dog , able to relate perfectly with people and other animals. Education is the key to getting an obediently and emotionally stable dog.

He is not particularly sociable with strangers like other more extroverted races but he is undoubtedly a very dedicated and eccentric dog who loves to receive pampering and attention. They are especially playful and active, requiring the tutor to walk them regularly and exercise with them.

The papillon dog is an excellent watcher . You will be surprised to see how he alerts the tutor of any sound or movement near the house, something inherent in his personality. We took the opportunity to comment that it is a dog that barks a lot, something that is also determined by his education.

Care of the papillon dog

Para começar, o foco incide sobre os cuidados do pelo: embora o seu manto médio/comprido pareça suficiente para proteger o cachorro do frio, o certo é que ele não tolera temperaturas baixas particularmente bem. Isso acontece porque, ao contrário de outros cachorros, ele apenas possui uma camada de pelo. Não deve ignorar essa questão, já que o cachorro é muito vulnerável a resfriados e tremores. YourCatCareguide recomenda que faça ou compre uma peça de roupa para cachorros pequenos em alguma loja de animais, para que ele se sinta quentinho e confortável no inverno.

It is also important to highlight the importance of regular care of your hair. Brushing and using conditioner help keep your hair extremely smooth and free of tangles. You should also wipe your eyes daily to prevent the formation of unsightly coffee-colored stains. Find out in YourCatCareguide how to eliminate tear stains .

Possible health problems of papillon dog

Dog breeds that have been overly crossbred in the same blood line are generally prone to develop certain common diseases, whether by genetic inheritance or predisposition. This is not so common with bachelors.

Next, let’s explain some of the most common ailments that can affect your papillon puppy:

  • Patellar Dislocation: It is a misalignment of the bone. It causes pain and discomfort in the dog when walking, lying down or stretching. It is a very common disease in this breed and is usually genetic.
  • Seizures and epilepsy: Although not a deadly disease, it has the drawback of being chronic. It is usually a consequence of the animal’s genetic inheritance, although it may also occur for no apparent reason.
  • Dental Problems: Dental problems can be solved with regular care and hygiene. For this reason, do not hesitate to access our article on the different ways to clean a dog’s teeth .
  • Allergy : Allergy is not deadly, but it bothers. A dog may have allergies to certain foods and even environmental factors such as pollen or certain fibers. If you notice excessive itching on the animal you should consult your veterinarian to start a treatment as soon as possible.

Whatever the health problem that affects your papillon puppy, do not forget that it is very important to consult the veterinarian. The rapidity of the diagnosis may or may not guarantee the treatment of the animal. Do not forget!

Dressage of papillon dog

It is essential to remember the importance of socializing the animal when it is still a puppy, something that has already been mentioned. As soon as the dog begins to grow and learns things, the tutor must teach different commands. It’s not about tricks or pirouettes that make you laugh, it’s about teaching useful commands to the dog that allow you to live harmoniously in your community without harm.

The basic commands for dogs are as follows:

  • Senta
  • Quiet
  • Lies down
  • Comes
  • Together

With these five learned commands, you can take your dog anywhere you want and be sure that you will not get hurt across a road, so you can take it with no leash. YourCatCareguide recommends beginning the dog’s training as soon as possible, always using positive reinforcement and never attacking or scolding. This type of behavior causes anxiety and malaise in the dog.

The papillon puppy is able to learn a great variety of tricks and is a great athlete. For this reason, we currently find papillon breed dogs in Agility championships .

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