Dog Names and Meaning

Adopting a puppy as a pet is a wonderful experience, but picking the name of your new partner right away can be a difficult task.

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Each pet has a personality and a physiognomy of its own, so it is always good to know a little more about your animal before you baptize it. We as owners always want a special name for our dogs, that word capable of expressing the strongest traits of their behavior and also of reminding the world how unique they are.

In this article of YourCatCareguide, let’s give some ideas of names for dogs and their meanings , who knows not inspire you when choosing?

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Teaching the name to your dog

Before we start thinking about our dog’s name , there are a few things we should keep in mind. Very long words or very similar syllables may not be a good idea, because it is more difficult for the animal to distinguish them.

Also, avoid names with sounds close to commands like “come”, “no” or “stay”. Repeating the name while trying to teach the animal to obey and understand the meaning of each of these words may confuse it. So he will not understand what he means “stay” and then you are uttering his new name.

The first few times you call your dog by name , use a calm and lively voice. You can also reward him whenever he meets your claim, so he will relate your new identity to positive ideas and will come to accept you more easily.

Names of female dogs and meaning

Most names dedicated to females tend to be related to their beauty, delicacy, femininity and sweetness. Check out a list of names for dogs and their meanings :

  • Honey : meaning comes from the honey that bees produce and that we eat. It relates to sweetness and lightness.
  • Nina : It means something like graceful, feminine.
  • Stellar : its meaning comes from a star or “starry sky”, meaning light, strength and brightness, as well as relating to that which originates in the sky.
  • Jade : its meaning comes from the stone of the same name. It may also mean something as precious, bright, or sincere.
  • Maggie : has its origin in the Persian name ” murvarid ” or ” murwari “, that translates into something like “creature of light”. It also means pearl or preciousness.
  • Luna : means moon and is usually related to light, symbolizing calmness and hope.
  • Amora : has a relation with the fruit of the same name that is well sweet and of strong coloring. It also has its origin in the feminine of the noun love.
  • Bela : synonymous with beauty, can mean beautiful, beautiful or simply pure.
  • Julie : It means young or jovial. It relates to stronger, energetic and striking personalities.
  • Sofia : comes from the Greek sophia , meaning wisdom, knowledge or something related to this universe.
  • Crystal : comes from the precious stone of the same name. It can mean something pure, white or crystalline.
  • Malu : It has to do with protection and brightness. It can also mean “sovereign warrior” or “sovereign lady”.
  • Cocoa : name related to friendship, optimism, good mood and lightness.
  • Barbie : It has English origin and means delicate and feminine.
  • Frida : it is the junction of frid (peace) with reiks / rich (princess), predicting someone who brings peace and calm.
  • Laila : its literal meaning would be something like “dark as night,” so it relates to dark-haired puppies.
  • Chanel : comes from song or rock, relating to rock. The name is very attached to a kind, expressive and curious personality.
  • Minnie : It means something like love, energy, activity. Also has a strong relation with the personage of the same name, of the drawing Mickey Mouse.
  • Popcorn : Normally, this name is given to animals that have a lot of energy, as bouncy as corn kernels when they are in the process of becoming popcorn.
  • Cherry : originates in English and, with the translation, means cherry. It relates to something sweet, small and with a strong presence.
  • Daisy : comes from a small, delicate white flower. It also means caring, kind and caring.

Names for male dogs and meaning

Already the males, usually they are baptized by words that emphasize its greatness, nobility and, even strength. Sometimes they are linked to royalty or elements of nature that arouse respect and admiration. Here are some of the names for dogs and their meanings :

  • Snoopy : the name has a strong relation with the dog of the design of the same name, belonging to race Beagle. The main characteristics of this animal were his complicity, his temperament calm, friendly and quite loving.
  • Thor : Norse god of thunder. It stands out for its strength, energy and its relationship with nature.
  • Nick : means victorious, victorious, representing someone who leads to finding something good.
  • Fred : king or prince of peace. Relating to tranquility, joy and naivety.
  • Billy : means lucky or lucky prince, with a strong presence and gifted with brilliance.
  • Pudding : comes from the dessert of the same name and fits into playful, curious and binge-eating personalities.
  • Duke : title of respect given to men in the monarchy, relates to more quiet and observant personalities.
  • Luke : It comes from bright or lit. It relates to a figure that brings lus, happiness, brilliance and even knowledge.
  • Bob : It has its meaning related to glory and nobility.
  • Zeca : “he who adds or multiplies”. It also expresses a playful personality, energetic and capable of bringing joy.
  • Spike : originates in the English language and can be translated as spike, or spike. It is related to omnipotent figures, corpulent, playful and untrammeled.
  • Max : means the highest, the highest, or the one that impresses and pleases.
  • Pingo : the name can mean something like “little hill”. It is also related to small raindrops and, therefore, is linked to activity, energy and restlessness.
  • Ted : means something like “God’s gift” as a gain, a gift or something of great value.
  • Rex : from Latin, means “king”. It is a very common name for dog, expressing a playful and pleasant personality.
  • Toby : its literal translation would be something like “pleasing to God” or “God is good”. It is a name related to kindness, sweetness and sympathy.
  • Ozzy : its meaning is related to power, strength and glory.
  • Johnny : means “graced by God” and relates to a kind personality, with a strong capacity for loving and caring.
  • Marley : it translates into something like “the one that originates in the countryside”. It is related to the rural universe or the forests and forests, indicating an animal of great personality, strength and capacity of adaptation and understanding.
  • Cookie : comes from the shape of a fairly ordinary buttery biscuit. As a name, it is related to docile, playful and demanding people.
  • Bruce : indicates one who comes from the forest, relating to the very nature of animals.

If you are looking for a different name to give your dog, a good option is to look for a word in another language with a legal meaning and a different sound. Eastern languages, for example, have great options if you want to innovate. Some Japanese names for dogs and their meanings :

  • Akina : means spring flower and is connected to delicacy and sweetness.
  • Aneko : is one of the most popular names of dogs in Japan and means older sister.
  • Takara : It is related to treasure or preciousness, something special and difficult to find.
  • Haru means sunshine or spring.
  • Kimi : means unique, different, special or unique.
  • Tomoko : related to someone friendly, docile or with whom the coexistence is easy and joyful.
  • Yuki : means snow or crystalline. It is a great name for light-colored or fairly dense animals.
  • Iwa : solid or strong as a rock or a stone. Relates to a strong and expressive personality.
  • Kosuke : means rising sun, relating to hope, light and strength.
  • Hayato : means brave, strong or fearless.
  • Choko : translated as chocolate. It relates to a docile and striking personality.
  • Yoshi : related to someone who brings luck, who is friendly and with positive energies.

If you liked the idea, you can check out more names for female or male dogs in Japanese in this YourCatCareguide article.

Perfect name for meaningful dog?

Have you finally found the special, meaningful name for your dog that you were looking for? We want to know what name you chose.

Does your dog have a name with a special meaning that is not on this list? Share in the comments below!

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