Caring for the dog’s paws

There are different breeds of dogs that have been thought of and created from pet animals to the toughest animals for running, hunting and heavier exercise. And, dogs because they love to run, jump and play, it is necessary to reinforce some care that we have to have in the day to day and that often end up passing unnoticed among the tutors.

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The paws are essential for the dog to lean and move between the most diverse types of places and terrains. However, sometimes these regions do not receive the attention of the tutors and a small problem can end up becoming a bigger problem, bringing a lot of discomfort to the dogs.

Are you curious? So keep reading in YourCatCareguide to know what care should be taken with the dog’s paws and follow our tips.

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Cut the dog’s nails

The basic tip is that your dog’s nails should always be in the proper size to avoid too many accidents. The rule is that the length should be such that the nail touches its tip on the floor , so if they are too large they can bring a lot of discomfort to the dog.

You can even trim the tips of your dog’s nails with the use of pliers appropriate for dogs, and that vary according to the size of each breed. However, care should be taken with this procedure because there is a blood vessel inside the nail, and if it is cut, it can bleed a lot. Follow these tips to cut a dog’s nails at YourCatCareguide’s house .

If you do not feel safe about doing this on your own, when you take your dog to the Pet Shop, ask the professional to keep your dog’s fingernails trimmed.

Cut the hair from the dog’s paw

The professional, when trimming the nails, should also cut the excess of hair between the pads of the legs , called cushions. If they are not trimmed, the excess of hair between the toes facilitates the appearance of bacteria, fungi, and may even form knots, curl up on the nails, which will pull the skin and injure the cushions.

Dogs Paws Pads – Cushion Cleaning

Daily and especially after going to parks or other walks, check the cushions and between the fingers if there is nothing that the dog may have stepped on and eventually get stuck, like bits of twig, thorns, pebbles, broken glass, etc. If anything, remove it with tweezers .

Moisturize the dog’s paws

Especially in the winter, the cushions can become quite dry and crack, just like our feet. In addition to providing a gateway to bacterial infections, as dogs are in direct contact with the soil, it is quite uncomfortable and painful to step on the ground with their paws cracked, so check with your veterinarian for a proper moisturizer suitable for dogs .

Foot massage

When using the moisturizer on your dog’s paws, take the time to massage them. This improves local circulation, stimulates nerve connections, and can prevent problems in the future.

Tick ​​on the dog’s paw

Ticks are ectoparasites that can transmit various diseases, and look for safe and warm places to stay in their hosts. Often, when we find a tick in the dog, we forget that between the toes of the paws are one of the favorite places for the tick to lodge.

If you find a tick, do not crush it, as this can result in the release of thousands of eggs invisible to the naked eye in the environment, making decontamination of the environment more difficult. Use special tweezers to remove the tick and throw it in a pot with alcohol.

Caring for dog paws in summer

The cushions may seem resistant to some, but are quite fragile if exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, when walking with your dog on very hot days, avoid times between 11am and 4pm , which are times when the sun is pinned in the sky and the streets and sidewalks are too hot.

Prefer schedules before 10am or more at sunset after 4pm.

One tip to know if the floor is too hot, is to take off your shoe and feel the temperature of the floor with the foot barefoot, or touch the palm of the hand on the floor. That way, if the temperature is right for you, it will surely be suitable for your dog without the risk of burning its paws.

Dog shoe is wrong?

The use of shoes can be useful on rides where the terrain is too bumpy or that could injure the dog’s paws, however it is not all animals that fit the accessory .

Be aware of the use of shoes, as dogs differently from humans do not sweat, so their sweat glands, responsible for thermoregulation, in dogs focus on the cushions. On very hot days, if the dog stays too long with the shoes, the legs may become too hot, and damp, contributing to fungal growth.

How to avoid bruising the dog’s paw

By following all these care tips you should have with your dog’s paws, you will certainly be contributing to the improvement of his quality of life.

Lastly, think of your dog’s feet as your feet, take good care of the floor of your home and yard , avoiding rough, rudimentary grounds with boulders, wires, or anything else that could injure your dog’s paws.

For any care with the dog’s paws, teaching the dog to paw is very helpful! Read our article that explains how to do it step by step.

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