Can a dog eat raw bones?

There is a myth that feeding a dog with raw bones is counterproductive to his health. This is far from reality and is a myth of the past. The raw bones are not dangerous , in addition they are completely digestible.

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It is surprising, but the number of dogs suffocating with feed grains, tennis balls, stones and sticks is greater than those who suffocate by eating raw bones. Raw bones have many benefits and are a key part of a balanced diet. In addition, they are very safe, if you follow a series of recommendations.

If suffocation, choking bones, broken teeth worries you, but have heard that it may be good for your dog’s health, keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide in which we will explain to you if a dog can eat raw bones .

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Raw bones vs. boiled bones

The raw bones

The raw meaty bones are very good in many respects to the correct health of your dog, moreover, will be chewed, crushed and eaten, almost completely by the teeth, the jaw and the body of the dog. Finally, when it is your stomach, it will do the last job.

The canine stomach is much more acidic than the human and is made to break down bones and raw foods. This type of bone is best because it is softer and more flexible. Raw bones rarely crack and are digestible in their entirety, including the collagen proteins some people say may be indigestible.

Problems can occur with any kind of food, bones, feed, etc. In relation to the bones we can say that they are harmless, as long as the dog does not despair and chew them completely, since it could suffocate. You should not give the dog small bones like chicken wings and neck.

Baked bones

On the other hand, cooked bones are very dangerous. If they are sharp, they can chip and cause suffocation, as well as a large amount of internal damage to a dog’s body, since they can open holes in your intestines. By cooking the raw bones we changed the molecular and physical structure of the bone, making it indigestible and easily chipped . That is, whenever you give bones to your dog, they must be raw.

Benefits of eating raw bones

Now that you know that dogs can eat raw bones, you should also know what advantages it offers you to eat this type of food and why you should offer it.

The benefits of raw bone for dogs extend to severe diseases such as cancer. Studies have found that a raw diet, including raw meat bones, has the power to boost a dog’s immune system to the point where the disease has fewer opportunities to travel.

It also helps in cases of allergies and cavities. In addition, raw bones contain a good amount of calcium and phosphorus that are critical to the good condition of the canine skeleton.

And speaking of cavities and oral health, we should point out that raw meat bones are excellent dental brushes. Scrape and scrape away food scraps, helping to prevent gum disease caused by plaque buildup. At the physical level, gnawing a bone (an activity dogs like) is also a natural way of exercising the jaws, while providing mental stimulation.

What should you take into account before offering raw bones?

Want to start including raw bone intake in your dog’s diet because you realized how good it can be for your health? In order to be able to be calm in doing so, in YourCatCareguide we will give you some advice to follow :

  • Use frozen or partially frozen raw meat bones. Your puppy will have to work on them much more and will slow down and voracity your intake. This will be very positive also in this regard. Larger parts force the dog to slow down and chew as many times as necessary. Ideally the bone will go through a minimum of 72 hours of freezing to reduce the risk of parasites.
  • Do not give your dog that large, weight bearing herbivorous bones, such as the cow’s femur and all bones for soup. These are extremely hard and expert cracking and breaking teeth.
  • Feed your dog with good quality beef bones that are surrounded by meat in abundance. Avoid skeletal bones or those that just like meat of chops and chicken wings. Keep in mind that too much bone and too little meat can cause constipation.
  • Give your puppy the right pieces for his size. If it is a very large dog, give it the bones of, practically, a whole chicken.
  • Thoroughly discard cut bones that have sharp edges. Keep in mind that small sizes promote poor chewing and therefore will cause the dog to swallow them quickly and badly.
  • If you still fear your dog will eat bones, there is nothing better than guarding him while he eats his delicious bone. Do not interrupt, speak or give directions while he is eating.

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