Can a dog eat legumes?

It may be that you want to give your puppy a natural, home-cooked diet or want to supplement the nutrients you receive with the feed with another type of food, which is a great idea, as more and more veterinarians are experts in nutrition say that a dog can not feed itself on dry food alone.

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While it is appropriate to plan a home-cooked and natural diet for dogs, it is a common mistake to extrapolate the same feed we follow to our pet. although it is true that both anatomically and physiologically we have some similarities, the digestive systems of both species also have very important differences.

If you are planning changes in your friend’s diet you may have already asked, can dogs eat legumes? In this article of YourCatCareguide we give you the answer and we take all your doubts on this topic.

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The legumes in dog food

The legumes are actually the seeds that the plants belonging to the legume family contain, such as chickpeas, lentils, soybeans or peas.

This is an exceptional food since it confers proteins along with complex absorption carbohydrates , that is, rich in fiber. But, can our dog benefit from these same properties? The answer is yes.

Let’s see below how legumes help maintain the health of our dogs:

  • Maintenance of structures of great importance : by giving a good amount of proteins, the legumes help the dog maintain strong structures as important as muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and hair. These nutrients are also needed for the immune system and for cell repair.
  • Regulated intestinal transit : The inclusion of legumes in the dog’s diet will help increase the volume of the stool, keeping the intestinal transit regulated and preventing the obstruction of the anal glands. The fiber that the legumes offer also acts as food for the beneficial bacteria that are naturally found in the dog’s intestine.
  • Lots of energy with few calories : legumes give energy in the form of proteins and complex carbohydrates, but their caloric value is very moderate and are especially useful for treating overweight dogs without them noticing a drastic change in their diet.

How to include legumes in dog food

It is preferable to use soybeans or chickpeas, and of course they should be well cooked, acquiring the consistency that makes legumes fit for human consumption.

If your dog has not previously experienced these foods it will be imperative that you gradually include them in your food, since a sudden change could cause gastrointestinal rejection or discomfort.

Legumes can be mixed in the same meal with meat, but we should not mix it with conventional food , since the natural foods and the ration have different digestion speeds and this can interfere in the proper functioning of the digestive system of the dog.

The ideal is to bet on occasional home recipes or following a daily home diet, which should be supervised by the veterinarian.

Legumes are not the most important food for the dog.

Legumes are a great food for your dog, but be careful when interpreting this information, since a dog’s diet should be based primarily on animal proteins , in fact they should provide more than 50% of the calorie content received through the feed.

If the dog’s digestive system is prepared for the assimilation of carbohydrates, this is due to its long domestication process, since for example the wolf or foxes that live in the wild do not digest this type of food well. For this it is important that if we decide to use the legumes to feed our furry friend we do it in the proper proportion .

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