The Rottweiler is a strong, robust and athletic dog. From medium to large, and with a look that does not hide its great power, the Rottweiler inspires a great admiration among its supporters and an almost mythical fear among those who do not know it.

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Only the presence of these dogs imposes respect and it is easy to be frightened by a dog as powerful as the Rottweiler. For it is not in vain that the race was chosen to incarnate the “devil’s dog” in the movie “The Prophecy”.

However, anyone who has had the opportunity to know the Rottweiler knows that behind this strong and sometimes frightening appearance, a properly socialized Rottweiler can have the heart of an angel, the devotion of a saint and the wisdom of an enlightened one.

In this breed profile of YourCatCareguide we will show you all the characteristics of the Rottweiler so you know what the character has and how it should be taken care of. Keep reading to find out more!

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History of the Rottweiler

The breed has its formal origin in the German region of Rottweil . However, its history goes back to the time of the Roman Empire. At that time, the predecessors of the current Rottweiler were used as protection dogs and to drive the cattle.

When the Romans arrived in the Rottweil region, their dogs crossed with dogs native to the area. The result of these crossings gave rise to the “butcher’s dog of Rottweil”, which was used to collaborate with the local butchers during the slaughter of the cattle. These dogs were responsible for controlling the most aggressive bulls and cows, facilitating the activity of the butchers. Because they were very brave, they were also used to protect properties. Over time, the race’s ability to perform other functions was recognized and its popularity began to increase.

At present the Rottweiler is stigmatized and designated as a dangerous dog due to irresponsible owners. Hopefully this does not harm the breed nor lead to its extinction, and we hope that fate has a more promising future for these guardian angels dressed in the fur.

Physical characteristics of the Rottweiler

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Rottweiler is its broad, medium-length head , which has a powerful muzzle that is neither short nor long in relation to the skull. The scissor bite reaches all its power thanks to the strong and large jaws of this dog.

The eyes , medium and dark brown, give the dog an expression of security and confidence that is not easy to appreciate in other breeds. On the contrary, the triangular and pendant ears of the Rottweiler are not especially flashy and are easily ignored by the average observer. However, being well glued to the head and oriented forward, give the skull a greater appearance of the real.

The body of the Rottweiler is powerful and robust , but it does not become fat. On the contrary, this is an agile and agile dog, able to overcome the hardest labor tests. The strong, straight column continues with a short, strong, deep loin. The chest, in turn, is large and deep. Thanks to this sturdy body, the Rottweiler is able to knock down an adult person without the need to bite.

Formerly it was demanded to amputate the tail to these dogs, with esthetic ends. Nowadays and, fortunately for the dogs, the International Cynopathic Federation (FCI) requires the complete tail. Unfortunately, other organizations continue to accept amputated tails in their exhibits.

When talking about the appearance of the Rottweiler can not forget to mention the double for these dogs, being hard and of medium length the outer one. The black color and fire of this hair helps to define the image of the Rottweiler.

The height at the cross is 61 to 68 centimeters for males and, from 56 to 63 centimeters for females. The approximate weight is 50 kilos for males and 42 kilos for females.

Rottweiler Character

Attentive, obedient, calm, courageous, confident, trustworthy and loyal with his. Thus we can describe the typical character of the Rottweiler . Therefore, you should note that not all Rottweilers have this character.

This is how the Rottweiler excelled in the past and continues today as one of the most versatile and intelligent breeds . Its flexibility and emotional stability allow it to adapt well to different activities, so it can be trained for the protection of your family, obedience, police dog, therapy dog ​​and assistance dog. It can also be trained as a search and rescue dog.

In addition to the activities mentioned, the Rottweiler obtains very good results in canine sports and obedience skills. But the character of the Rottweiler also has its drawbacks. Although they are very safe dogs of their own, Rottweilers can be very reactive. Therefore, it is very important to socialize them from puppies to get along with people, dogs and other animals. Dressage in basic obedience is a necessity with a dog with these characteristics.

This breed is one of which has been placed in the category of “potentially dangerous dogs” in many countries. This is a pity, since the Rottweiler is just a dangerous dog when it is educated by irresponsible people to foster its aggressiveness. The character of a properly socialized Rottweiler is far from dangerous, on the contrary, it is a docile and friendly dog. It all depends on how the dog is educated.

Rottweiler Care

The Rottweiler is a simple caring dog. To begin with let’s indicate that it is a dog with a very easy to care and maintain. You should give him a bath every 2 or 3 months paying attention to the accumulated dirt and brush it once a week as a minimum to eliminate the remains of dead hair. The remaining body areas such as teeth, nails or ears should also be cleaned weekly.

On the other hand, the Rottweiler is a dog that tends to gain weight , so you should take time to prevent obesity in this dog with the right amount of food, exercise and moderate snacks. Avoiding overweight is key to not contributing to the development of degenerative diseases such as hip dysplasia or arthrosis.

The exercise will be one of the essential pillars of Rottweiler care. We talk about a dog that likes to exercise and practice activities of all kinds so it will be ideal to think of different sports for dogs . Its intelligence allows us to work more complex activities such as Agility . It is very important to properly meet your needs to prevent problems such as anxiety or stress.

Rottweiler Education

The Rottweiler is a dog with an imposing physical characteristics besides an intelligent and skillful companion. For this reason, training is very important in this breed. A dog with these qualities can not suffer deficiencies in his education because they could negatively affect his adult life.

To begin with, in puppy education, we should focus primarily on socialization , the process in which we present the Rottweiler dog to other dogs, pets, people, and objects. This is a fundamental part of the Rottweiler’s training, because without a correct socialization we can suffer with a reactive, fearful and insecure dog in the future. Developing a good socialization process will allow you to be with all kinds of people and in all kinds of environments without problem. It will also be important to enrich and stimulate you mentally during your youngest step.

On the other hand, as you begin to grow, the young Rottweiler should start learning more things. In our article on Rottweiler training we talk about the importance of obedience. We must remember that it is a large dog and great physical strength so knowing how to guide and guide the animal will be very important if we want a happy life at your side. The foundation of all education will be positive reinforcement .

Rottweiler Health

To finish with the Rottweiler puppy, we must emphasize that it is a relatively healthy dog , with an average life expectancy of around 10 years . The most common diseases in this breed are usually hip dysplasia or cancer, although with regular visits to the veterinarian we can quickly detect their appearance.

It will be very important to continue the deworming and the schedule of vaccines indicated by the veterinarian to avoid any possible viral, bacterial or parasitic contagion. The combination of good care and optimum health will make our Rottweiler dog healthy, with a longer and more athletic life expectancy.

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