Lulu of Pomerania

The Pomeranian puppy Lulu is a toy – sized or mini- sized dog , which means that it is very small. Many people consider adopting this wonderful long-haired dog because it is hypoallergenic, is very intelligent and has a caring and noble personality. It is, without a doubt, a good companion that will bring joy and happiness in the day to day.

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The origin of this dog type spitz is European and, perhaps for that reason, it is very present in Spain, United Kingdom and Germany, as well as many other countries of the world. He is currently a very popular dog.

In this page of the breed of YourCatCareguide, we will show you how the dog Lulu of Pomerania is: we will talk about its origins, its personality and physical characteristics, as well as its training and the most common diseases that can suffer. You will find all the necessary information about the Lulu of Pomerania next:

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  • Poland

Origin of Pomeranian Lulu

Lulu of Pomerania was born in an ancient duchy called Pomerania, situated between Germany and Poland. Unlike the present, the first copies had a much larger size. They were basically used as shepherd dogs: they controlled sheep, cows and deer. Its original name was ” wolfspitz ” which, literally translated, means wolf spitz.

For a short time, it was also popular in Russia and Siberia where it was used to pull sleds. Although there are few historical references, it is believed that the Pomeranian Lulu was a dog very widespread and popular in several European areas like the United Kingdom.

It became popular in ancient Greece and later in Rome, being the favorite dog of the ladies who possessed a certain purchasing power. At the same time, when the selection of certain specimens for their reproduction began, the search of the race in smaller size and affectionate and loving behavior began. It then became much different than the previous dog that was used to ward off wolves . For the same reason, certain colors are more common.

Characteristics of Pomeranian Lulu

Pomeranian Lulu is a European spitz , accepted by FCI in group V: puppies type spitz and type primitvo. Although known as Lulu of Pomerania or dwarf spitz, its official name remains “wolfspitz”.

Unlike the ancient Lulu of Pomerania, which weighed about 23 kilograms, the breed’s current standard is between 1.8 and 2.5 kilograms . It is therefore classified as a toy-sized or miniature dog.

Its coat is quite long and soft , so it is essential to brush the dog regularly. Currently, the “puppy-like cut” is very popular, since the short-haired Lulu gains a very sweet and unique look. Many people argue that their cloak does not produce allergies and therefore is considered a hypoallergenic dog.

The colors of this breed are mainly black, brown, white, orange and gray. However, there are many other colors. The variety of shades is really amazing.

Finally, we indicate the different types of dog Lulu of Pomerania :

  • Face of fox : It has an elongated snout and thin, like that of a fox.
  • Teddy bear face : The muzzle is shorter and the morphology of the face is rounder than the previous type. The eyes remain close to the muzzle, giving the puppy a very sweet look.
  • Doll Face : It is one of the most popular varieties currently. The doll-faced Pomeranian Lulu is very much like the teddy bear’s face, but has a flattened snout and more prominent, detached eyes. At first glance, it may be difficult to distinguish the two.

Personality of Pomeranian Lulu

This dog has lost its shepherd dog instincts a long time ago. As already explained, when it became popular as a companion dog certain physical characteristics were selected, as well as behavior, to become a home dog . He is currently a very affectionate and affectionate dog who hates loneliness and lack of attention. He is also very active, alert, intelligent and curious.

The Pomeranian Lulu is the perfect dog for families of all kinds, but you must take into account that it needs several walks, constant attention and time to educate before adopting a copy. It is also important to note that on some occasions the Pomeranian Lulu can become a dog that barks a lot, so the guardian should be prepared for it.

In the last generations, the relationship with children has changed a lot. In the last century, it was not considered a suitable dog for homes with children because it could be little patient with pulling ears, tail and hair, reacting even in a negative way. Currently the dog is more affectionate, calm and patient. However, for an excellent coexistence, it is essential to teach children to interact with it : always in a positive way and never hurting the animal. Respecting the dog and leaving it alone when it growls (grunting is a totally normal and habitual form of communication) will help prevent any incident.

Care of Pomeranian Lulu

Pomeranian Lulu does not need excessive care . Just be brushed regularly to eliminate dirt and prevent the appearance of knots in your mantle. We should also remove your pimples daily and check your body to make sure everything is okay.

On the other hand, we emphasize that it is important to protect it from the cold , especially if we observe that it shakes. Should provide shelter for the rides, special clothing for small dogs .

Diseases of the Pomeranian Lulu

If you are considering adopting a pup of Lulu of Pomerania, it is very important that you know the fall of what can occur between 4 and 8 months of life . It is a totally normal and normal stage, with no reason to worry. At this point, the dog loses practically all the hair to give place to the coat that will have in its adult age.

On the other hand, you should know that the continuous cross-breeding of specimens from the same family can lead to serious genetic problems . This usually occurs in breeding sites, private breeders not approved and when the dog is crossed without any kind of knowledge.

The eye diseases are present in the Pomeranian, especially in older dogs . It is a normal condition that affects older dogs.

The displacement (incorrect position of the bone), dental discomfort or open fontanelle (a problem that leaves an open area of the skull) are other issues that can affect the dog, although they are less common.

Take the dog to the vet every six months and regularly check your face, correct movement of the limbs and the whole body for nodules – this is an effective way to detect a possible disease. Of course also that the vaccination of the dog should also be up to date, as well as the worming with pipettes and internal.

Educating a Pomeranian Lulu

The Pomeranian Lulu is known as a very intelligent dog , so much so that on some occasions it can become overly spoiled. You should be firm in your education and set some rules before you adopt it: let it go on the couch or not, when and where you should eat, etc. Regularity and stability will be very important factors in making the dog feel comfortable and comfortable at home.

In your puppy phase, you should practice socialization actively, a step where you will teach the dog to relate to people, children, dogs , cats and objects. Everything that the dog knows in a positive way in this process will be very useful in its adult phase, creating a dog very sociable and without fears. It is the basis of your education.

As soon as the dog begins to reach its youth, it should begin with basic obedience learning , always using positive reinforcement . Teaching the dog to sit, to come, to lie down or to lie are basic premises for your safety and that you obey. It also strengthens your relationship .

Later, you can train your Pomeranian Lulu to apply advanced commands and fun tricks. It is very easy to teach a Pomeranian Lulu dog because it is very intelligent.

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