5 breeds of hairless dogs

Most dogs come from Latin American countries. From there comes the famous Peruvian dog and is suspected that it is also the place of origin of the dog of Chinese crest.

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They are much appreciated by people suffering from allergies and in addition they have the advantage of not suffering from fleas or other annoying guests in their hair as they do not have it. However, some specimens may have small sections of hairs on particular parts of the body.

Discover in this article of YourCatCareguide 5 breeds of hairless dogs and surprise yourself with the image they offer, unusual. It is also important to note that there may be cases of non-random dogs by a genetic variety in any breed, though of course, unlikely.

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1. Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog looks really different from other breeds and for a while has been quite popular on the internet. There are two types of Chinese Crested Dog :

  • Powderpuff: with hair
  • Hairless: hairless

The Hairless Chinese Crested Dog is one of the hairless dog breeds but is not totally free of fur. We can see wicks on his head and paws. However, the skin of your body is smooth and thin, similar to that of the human. It is a small dog (can weigh between 5 and 7 pounds) and his character is really kind and loyal. They may seem a little timid and nervous, but overall if we offer you a good socialization , we will enjoy a very social and active dog.

2. Peruvian Peeled Dog

The Peruvian bare dog , a Peruvian hairless dog or a pila dog, is one of the oldest dogs in the world and we find representations of it from 300 BC

As with the Chinese crested dog, the Peruvian dog can be born with or without hair , always in a natural way. There are also those who have some hair on their heads.

Unfortunately and due to the popularity of the variety without body hair, more and more are the breeders who decide to leave aside the variety with hair. This practice makes coming generations suffer from serious genetic problems due to inbreeding.

However, the hairless variety is perfect for those who suffer from severe allergies and also prevents the dog from suffering from a flea infestation.

3. Argentinean hairless dog

Its appearance is very similar to the Peruvian dog and the xoloitzcuintle and can be of three sizes: small, medium and giant. While some totally lack hairs, others have a few strands that can be combed in an original way.

This dog breed needs frequent care and the application of hypoallergenic protective creams, although it is a dog with a great life expectancy, which can reach until the 20 years. They are very sociable and affectionate and we can enjoy with them practicing active exercise , something that they love.

4. American Hairless Terrier

This cute dog of American origin is a descendant of the Fox Terrier. It is more muscular and strong than those previously mentioned, although it does not have a particularly large size, in fact, it is quite small .

Its skin has white tones that can be combined with gray, black, red, gold, pink and gold. By showing clear shades you may suffer a little more from the intensity of the sun, needing to protect yourself from it. He is an excellent pet, very playful and active . You should take him with clothes for small dogs .

5. Xoloitzcuintle or Pelado Mexicano

Its aspect is very similar to the Peruvian dog or the Argentine dog and its origin is Mexican. It can be of three sizes: toy, medium and large.

There are several myths surrounding this ancient breed , because in the past it was believed that these dogs were the companions of the dead in the underworld. In fact, a practice was carried out in which the dog was sacrificed to bury itself next to the dead. It was considered sacred and one can still find a wide variety of representations of its own.

It is a very sweet and affectionate dog that will surprise anyone who decides to adopt. His loyal character makes him a very popular dog in his country, especially among the Mexican canine federations, who were the ones who managed to survive when he was about to disappear.

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