5 breeds of Labrador-compatible dogs

Is there a Labrador as a pet and are you planning on taking a second dog home ? Labradors are an excellent companion breed for another animal and, according to anyone who is a lover of this breed, are very friendly and relaxed.

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While each dog has its own temperament and needs, Labradors are generally not overly territorial, sensitive or aggressive, and their interactions are positive with other dogs. They are also known for their easy nature, their intelligence, loyalty, and their love of exploration. These are some of the qualities you should consider in other breeds when choosing a new friend for your Labrador. Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you the 5 breeds of dogs compatible with Labrador and we let you make the best decision that suits your pet and family.

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General Considerations of Labradors

Labradors, despite being a very noble breed and accepting most of their canine companions, are not usually the best friends of miniature dogs that think and behave like big dogs. Of course, this is not a rule and therefore your dog may be the best dog in the world and be able to accept any companion, regardless of its size. However, being Labradors a large breed of puppies, some people prefer to opt for a second dog of a similar size.

A second dog that is equally active as your labrador , can help keep your pet in better shape and happier. In this way, you will have a longer and healthier life. Keep in mind that some Labrador lines have a very high energy level, so you should keep this factor in mind when you join your dog with other breeds.

Golden retriever

The Golden Retrievers have all the qualities necessary to be a Labrador’s best friend. In fact, they say that the breeds are more compatible with the Labrador because they complement each other.

There are several qualities that a puppy needs to have to be a good pet and adapt to another. In this sense, like the Labradors, the Golden are sociable, of excellent temperament, lovers of children, other people and pets. A Golden Retriever can grow up to 42 kg, like Labradors, so during the games you do not have to be hurt if one of them hurts the other, because they both have an identical size. The Golden is very easy to train and, like the Labrador, can play all day.


The Boxer is an excellent choice because it would be a breed with approximately the same level of energy and temperament as the Labrador. This dog, thanks to his facial expression, may seem strong character, but nothing further from reality. He is usually kind, curious, brave, strong and athletic.

The Boxer can be both guardian and family escort. Among his features are being loyal, playful, affectionate and exuberant. A Boxer can adapt to a small garden like the Labradors, however you will need your walks at least twice a day. The Boxer is great, so it’s a good idea to choose it as a companion for your Labrador because it will be similar in size and will not hurt while playing.


Another of the breeds compatible with the Labrador is this, since the Beagle does very well with most of the canine breeds. If you like this breed, it is best to join them in a friendly way and choose to mix male and female. It is important to make sure to castrate them to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, as well as health problems arising from a psychological pregnancy in the bitch .

The Beagle is the perfect pet for the family as it is intelligent, very affectionate and friendly. This breed will be your Labrador’s best mate if he is very active. The Beagle needs a lot of exercise and a big garden to play with. He likes the company of people and other dogs, but he does not like to be alone, so he will make a good pair with the Labrador. This breed is tolerant, affectionate and emotionally stable.

Boston terrier

The Boston Terrier is a very familiar breed and although it is a dog who gets used to being indoors very well, it is so noble personality that could help reassure and balance the intensity of the Labrador, which is hyperactive .

It is a breed for all ages, especially for children. The Boston Terrier, like Labrador, loves the caresses and pampering of his fellow humans, so much that he likes to sleep in bed and enjoy television with his family. People are attracted to their robustness, elegance and skills. Undoubtedly, your Labrador and a Boston Terrier will make a great combination although this is not the same size.

English Springer Spaniel

This is a family breed with a cheerful, lively and versatile personality. Although it is of medium size, it has a lot of strength and is very popular for carrying out a wide variety of physical activities. He likes to make new friends, so the English Springer Spaniel is an affectionate companion who feels very happy when he is in the company of other dogs like the Labrador. This dog is very curious, extroverted and active , but does not have an excessive tendency to hyperactivity, if you receive your good dose of daily exercise and quality time with your family, will suffice. In this way, the Springer Spaniel is another of the dog breeds compatible with the Labrador, despite the difference in size.

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