Pastor Belga Groenendael

The Groenendael is the second most popular of the four Belgian Shepherds that exist, most probably thanks to its beautiful black fur. It is without a doubt a spectacular dog, owner of a superb elegance.

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However, beauty is not the only attribute that this cute shepherd dog has. It is also a very intelligent dog of balanced character. Able to practice advanced training and respond very well to all kinds of orders. This is an out of the ordinary dog.

If you are thinking of adopting a Belgian Shepherd Groendael, in this breed profile of YourCatCareguide we will give you some advice on the behavior and education of this dog. Keep reading and find out all about it.

  • Europe
  • Belgium
 FCI Classification
  • Grupo I
 Physical characteristics
  • 15-35
  • 35-45
  • 45-55
  • 55-70
  • 70-80
  • More than 80
 Adult weight
  • 1-3
  • 3-10
  • 10-25
  • 25-45
  • 45-100
 Recommended physical activity
  • Low
  • Average
  • High
 Recommended weather
 Type of hair

History of Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

The first creator of Belgian Shepherds Groenendael was Nicholas Rose. The name of this variety comes from the name of the property that Mr. Rose had in the forest of Soigner. Groenendael , in flamenco means small green valley. In 1896, Groenendael was the first recognized variety of Belgian Shepherd. Over time, this dog has gained popularity and nowadays is the largest Belgian Shepherd. It certainly has a beautiful coat.

This variety has been recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) since 1959 under the name of Belgian Shepherd. Although each Belgian Shepherd variety has a particular history, the Groenendael story is part of the whole breed story.

Characteristics of Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

Although Groenendael is a strong, sturdy and bulky dog , it is not heavy. On the contrary, it is a very agile and dynamic dog. The body of this dog is of square structure (length equal to the height) and the loin is straight.

The head of this Belgian Shepherd is long, straight and thin. The forehead is flatter than round and the occipital protrusion is slightly pronounced. The ears of the Groenendael are triangular and small, with a pointed end. The slightly almond-shaped and brown-colored eyes should be as dark as possible and be obliquely arranged. The stop is moderate.

The muzzle of Belgian Shepherd Groenendael is narrower at its end than at its base, but is not quite pointed. Its strong jaws give it a scissor bite.

The hair is long , though not as long as in other long-haired breeds (eg the Border Collie). It is longer in the neck and before the chest, forming a very beautiful necklace. It is also longer on the back of the thighs and tail. It should be black in color and accept only small white spots on the chest and fingers.

The Groenendael’s tail should reach the hock or overtake it. At rest, the tail hangs and its end curves backwards, but without reaching the shape of a hook.

The front ends are straight and, viewed from the front, are parallel. The rear ends of the Groenendael are powerful but without giving the appearance of being weighed. They have normal angulation.

The height at the withers for males ranges from 60 to 66 centimeters. For females, the average height at the withers is between 56 and 62 centimeters. The weight of the males should be between 25 and 30 kilos. The females should be between 20 and 25 pounds.

Character of Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

Groenendael is an alert, intelligent, brave and loyal dog . This dog has very marked the instincts of protection, territoriality and shepherding. That is why it is necessary to socialize it correctly since the puppy.

In addition, since he is a very active dog, the Belgian Shepherd Groenendael needs some occupation that keeps him entertained. If you do not provide enough physical and mental exercise, you may develop behavioral problems. Your shepherd dog instinct can lead you to

You can get on well with other pets, but for this you must be socialized from a very young age. If the socialization is inadequate, this dog may be dominant with other dogs, and suspicious of pets of other species.

Care of the Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael can live quietly in an apartment or in a large house with garden. However, in either case, you should be given sufficient physical and mental exercise as well as sufficient companionship. Groenendael does not like solitude , so it is crucial to think about these factors before adopting a copy of this breed. You should make sure you have enough time to devote to this extraordinary dog.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it loses all year round, but loses even more in two annual seasons of molting. It is necessary to brush it daily and take it to the canine hairdresser with some regularity.

Education of Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

Since the puppy must start working the education and training of Belgian Shepherd Groenendael. Precisely because of their great mental abilities, it is highly recommended to propose activities to this dog on a regular basis.

The first step in education will be to work with it socialization , inhibition of biting or mental stimulation. Anything that can provide an enrichment in the dog’s life will please him. In your adulthood you should actively work on basic obedience orders and can continue advanced in more complex orders and physical activities that include stimulation. Agility is a clear example of this.

Health of Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

There are no concrete diseases in this variety of Belgian Shepherd, however it is susceptible to suffer any common illness in dogs. To ensure your good health you should consult the veterinarian every 6 months , strictly follow the vaccination schedule and deworming the dog with the appropriate frequency. All these care will help the dog to enjoy better health.

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