American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier was initially used as a cattle dog on farms. Later on, his talents were directed to activities that made money through the struggles. It is a tough breed and, although not the strongest of the dogs, it is certainly incomparably strong. It is believed that the bulldog is one of his ancestors.

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For years, the pit bull was considered a beloved dog, a trustworthy companion and even a nanny dog . Unfortunately, many unconscious owners urge their pit bull puppies to have aggressive and inappropriate behavior.

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Physical appearance

The pit bull can measure between 35 and 60 centimeters to the cross, weighing between 20 and 35 kilograms, It is a powerful dog, agile and strong . Many people often confuse this breed with American Staffordshire for its great looks.

It has a broad and powerful head with medium ears and tumbled (remember that it is forbidden to cut them). His expressive and communicative eyes stand out as a wonderful companion. His body is strong, athletic, agile and a little elongated. With shiny and short hair, you can find pit bulls in every possible color.


This is a very special dog and admired by those who enjoy your company. It is enthusiastic, lively and fun. The pit bull terrier is a guard dog of fixed ideas that assimilates well the changes and the basic orders of behavior.

It is an excellent dog for those who have the time to dedicate and want to receive the affection of a faithful and friendly animal. It is a dog that loves to perform tasks, even if it does not look like it. Not a good guard dog because he is generally friendly to strangers.

It has a high level of intelligence and for this reason many owners use the dog in sports like canicross and perform daily activities with it.


It is a generally healthy dog ​​although sometimes your skin becomes sensitive. Avoid problems by ensuring that it has a comfortable and cozy bed, as well as pipettes or collars for total anti-parasite protection.


The pit bull is, in general, an excellent dog to deal with children, since it is patient and tolerant, contrary to what many people think. It allows you to play and participate in games in a quiet way. By having lots of energy, it is great to have a pit bull terrier in families with children, as both without complementing and creating a very special bond.

With regard to the relationship between the pit bull terrier and other pets, this will depend entirely on the socialization that the dog receives since childhood. By being a powerful and strong dog, an incorrect education can lead to real problems in adulthood. He will not know how to relate to smaller dogs and will observe an authentic change of behavior outside the home.


The pit bull is not a dog that needs excessive care. Just brush it twice a week, something he will enjoy a lot. In times of hair change, the tutor should pay special attention and brush the dog more regularly.

It has a great level of activity, so you need daily walks of at least 3/4 hours. Combining the outings with exercise is a good practice to strengthen your muscles and keep you relaxed indoors. Your energy levels are high and the tutor should take this into account as soon as you adopt it. Look for a good name for it!


It is an intelligent dog that understands quickly what the tutor asks and proposes for a harmonious coexistence. You must be firm in the allowed behavior and it is essential that the whole family is aware of what attitudes are desired and which are not. It should encourage positive, playful and cheerful behavior. Under no circumstances should you let the dog act aggressively or offer rewards for it.

The pit bull is a strong and powerful dog that requires a tutor who understands and guides him to promote his physical and mental well-being.

As mentioned before in behavior, the pit bull terrier is a puppy that needs to socialize since puppy. Still, if you decide to adopt an adult pit bull, you can work with it and correct any behavior problems you may have. We recommend that this kind of process of adaptation to the new home and a new way of working be accompanied by people experienced in this or a canine educator.


The constant discrimination of the pit bull terrier reached limits that the protection associations reject together:

  • Australia prohibits the importation of pit bull and requires all puppies of the breed to be castrated in order to slowly eliminate their population.
  • In Malta it is illegal to have a pit bull and if someone has a copy, the person responsible will be tried and the pet will be sacrificed.
  • In Venezuela the animals must be registered and counted, and must remain in captivity, an inhuman practice.
  • Spain, Colombia and Chile consider the pit bull a potentially dangerous dog and their possession requires obtaining a license, a liability insurance for the pet in question as well as the use of muzzle and leash in public places.

There are pit bull terrier equality advocacy associations around the world. It is important to know that it is not a dangerous breed, but rather that the bite of this dog can be dangerous if the tutor educates him or her.

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