The German Boxer dog is a canine working breed and molosso type company. It is a medium-sized dog used as a vigilante for many years. It is a cross between a Bullenbeisser Brabant and an Old Bulldog , already extinct breeds.

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He first appeared in Munich (Germany) in a creator named von Dom. During the First and Second World War, the boxer was used as a messenger dog: he carried communication cables and bodies of wounded soldiers on the battlefield. He remains elected as a police dog in different parts of the world.

On this page of the YourCatCareguide breed, we teach everything about the boxer dog including information about his personality, feeding, training and education. In summary, the description of a boxer dog.

  • Europe
  • Germany
 FCI Classification
  • Grupo II
 Physical characteristics
  • 15-35
  • 35-45
  • 45-55
  • 55-70
  • 70-80
  • More than 80
 Adult weight
  • 1-3
  • 3-10
  • 10-25
  • 25-45
  • 45-100
 Hope of life
  • 8-10
  • 10-12
  • 12-14
  • 15-20
 Recommended physical activity
  • Low
  • Average
  • High
 I love it!
  • Harness
 Recommended weather

Physical Aspects

The boxer dog is a medium-sized dog . It has a strong and heavy head and a powerful jaw with great mandibular pressure. The muzzle is small and has a black mask that covers it. In the old days, the dog’s ears and tail were quoted, options that are currently rejected by the vast majority of breeders and tutors, in addition to being banned.

The neck is strong, round and muscular, as are the hind legs. The chest, broad, gives a great presence to the animal. It usually has very short, shiny and smooth hair. The colors of the boxer dog range from brown to black to brindle. Usually some specimens are spotted and white or albino boxers can also be found.

The male is usually larger than the female, reaching 63 cm in height and around 25 – 30 kg without a maximum weight being set.

Boxer puppy personality

The good nose of the boxer dog and his great bravery in case of catastrophe already granted him one of the first positions as a fireman dog . Its qualities are many, since it is a faithful, vigilant and active dog.

She is a docile dog, loyal to her family and unable to hurt her . In some cases, you may be too protective when you observe or predict aggressive behavior towards a member of your pack. He respects the wishes of tutors and is patient with children. It is a territorial and dominant dog that easily alerts the family to the presence of intruders in the home.

He is a very curious dog and creates an affective bond with his tutors, of whom he never separates and who tries not to annoy. It is necessary to socialize correctly a boxer puppy since puppy so that the interaction with humans and dogs is perfect. It can be a little rough when you play, but never with malice.


The guardian should be careful about extreme heat and exercise as they do not always breathe properly and may suffer from sunstroke or suffocation in severe cases.

Although the life expectancy of a boxer dog is usually 10 years, a happy and well-cared boxer can have a long life up to 13 or 15 years. They are prone to develop cancer and heart disease, acne dysplasia and epilepsy. Pay close attention with the gastric twist and allergy to certain diets.

Your skin is delicate and if you do not have a comfortable bed or if you spend a lot of time outside, you may suffer from calluses on the elbows. It is a dog that should have a resting space inside the house.


The boxer needs two or three walks a day, besides practicing exercise . She loves to run and pursue objects that produce some kind of sound, developing her musculature while having fun. It is important that you have a controlled and adequate diet to not gain overweight or anorexia.

It is indispensable to stimulate him physically and mentally so that he is happy. In addition, it is possible to observe that it responds wonderfully to the attention that is dedicated to it. The socialized boxer correctly tends to relate easily with other pets and loves to investigate the scent of various plants and objects. You can live in an apartment or at home, whenever you are provided with daily walks and exercises.

The boxer appreciates that you take care of both fingernails, that you clean wicks and slugs. You should give him a bath once a month, more or less regularly. When the boxer is a puppy, be very careful because the bath should be given very carefully so as not to remove the natural protection of your skin.


The boxer is an excellent therapy dog, since it presents real benefits like empathy, relationship with the environment, disinhibition, spontaneity, physical contact or stress improvement.

The boxer ‘s relationships with children are usually excellent . He is famous for his patience, affection and willingness to play with the little ones in the home. It is true that (as in all races) there may be cases of attacks or assaults, but the responsibility in these cases lies with the tutors and the education they give the dog.

As for relationships with other dogs , it is a dog that can be a little fierce, dominant and territorial if not socialized (especially with other males). Overall, he behaves fantastically with other pets and interacts with them with no problem at all, just wanting to play.

Boxer puppy education

Rank 48 in the intelligence classification of dogs. Still, for the tremendous bond he makes with his tutors, he will actively respond to games and commands, even if he needs more time than other races. When training the boxer puppy, it is imperative to use positive reinforcement with treats and toys for pets, thus increasing the dog’s interest and strengthening the bond between you.

The boxer dog can learn a multitude of commands such as sitting, kicking, lying down, spinning, chasing toys, being quiet … It is an obedient dog . In addition, he will love to feel useful doing his own tasks in the home, such as warning strangers, taking care of the little ones and protecting them from any danger in a courageous way.


  • You are very sensitive to other barking dogs.
  • The Boxer never gives up a fight, it’s very brave.
  • The Boxer puppy is not considered a dangerous breed although in some places either, so please inquire before traveling with him.
  • Patient, sociable and balanced, likes to play and is an excellent kangaroo for children.
  • It is a very clean dog that will take some time to sanitize.
  • He’s an excellent watchdog.
  • Faithful friend.
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