Does sleeping with cats hurt?

Despite the independent image that many people have of cats , anyone who has one knows that it is a very sweet animal that likes to spend time with its owners.

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If you have doubts about whether sleeping with your best friend is good or bad, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will try to clarify your doubts in the best possible way bringing different points of view so that you evaluate yourself the final decision.

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Is it healthy or not?

To start you should identify what are the habits of your cat . Next we will explain why it is so important to take into account what kind of life it takes and what places it frequents:

  • If your feline spends many hours on the street , it is best not to sleep with him. In addition to being susceptible to a flea infestation , for example, it can develop a large amount of infection or disease if you decide to hunt animals or eat food in poor condition.
  • On the contrary, if your cat is only at home he is less likely to suffer from diseases. However, diseases like toxoplasmosis can affect you without you taking care of it.

If your cat just walks by your house you can sleep with him, but it is important that you carefully read the following points to make sure you are healthy and disease-free:

  • Consulting the vet and vaccinating your cat are the best measures to rule out a possible disease. The vet will evaluate your feline to rule out the presence of internal and external parasites.
  • Bathing your cat regularly is essential to make sure your fur is not contaminated or dirty. Although the cat is a very clean animal, small toxins, oils or debris that it brings home (in shoes for example) can remain there for a long time.
  • Household hygiene, besides the cat’s, is essential for everything to be in harmony. There is no point in regularly bathing the animal if the soil is dirty.
  • Of course if you are allergic to cat hair you should not sleep with it.

Factors to consider

If you decided to start sleeping with your cat should take some things into account. To begin with, it may happen (especially the first few times) that your feline will wake up and therefore wake you up . It is customary until they both get used to each other’s company and sleep together.

If it is a person who gets very upset at night, it may not be good to sleep with your cat because you could accidentally push him out of bed. Brushing it regularly is also very important because this way you can prevent the accumulation of hair in the bed.

Benefits of Sleeping with Your Cat

In addition to greatly improving your relationship , trust between you and the cat will be greater. Cats, by nature, like to sleep with members of their species and in their absence, will see in itself a great shelter.

Besides strengthening your relationship, sleeping with the cat is relaxing for both of you. The feeling of company, warmth and relaxation is very beneficial to both.

You’ll sleep easier and happier. The sound of the cat’s purr helps to foster a state of tranquility so that sleep will be more pleasant and have the feeling of happiness.

Agreeing with your cat is one of the best times of the day. Getting the morning together with your best friend with mutual caresses is really comforting and positive.

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