Does raw dog meat hurt?

It may be that many do not remember, perhaps because they are young, but the dog food has not always existed. How, then, could he survive and feed properly? No doubt the only way was to follow a home-cooked diet .

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Many people started betting on natural recipes (green food), so the great success of the BARF diet for dogs, which in Portuguese is known as the ACBA diet (Biologically Adequate Raw Food), which defends part of what we are going to expose following this article. Still have questions about whether raw dog meat is bad? Clarify all your doubts in this article by Animal Expert.

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Raw or cooked meat for dogs?

In the world of canine nutrition you can find a multitude of studies and opinions. Some are opposed to raw food for the possible presence of parasites and pathogens, while others refuse to cook by causing the loss of enzymes, natural probiotics and vitamins. What is certain of all this? What is the best option?

The process of domestication that the dog has undergone has changed some aspects of its digestive physiology , as well as other structures, so at this point in history, the differences between dogs and wolves, close relatives, are so obvious.

Although the dog has become an omnivorous animal and able to digest food that its ancestral wolf is not capable of, raw meat does not harm the dog because it fits perfectly to his body:

  • The teeth have enough force to scratch the flesh.
  • The stomach, small and muscular, is prepared for the digestion of the meat.
  • The intestine is short, which prevents the putrefaction of the meat during digestion.
  • The digestive juices of the dog as well as its saliva are able to assimilate the protein from the meat.

The digestive system of the dog is prepared to digest without problem the meat, preferably raw, which is how it would consume it in the natural environment. We should also point out some legends such as “raw meat makes the dog more aggressive” are totally false.

No entanto, como comentamos no princípio, existem possíveis parasitas e patógenos que podem ser encontrados na carne crua, o que torna imperativo buscar alimentos que tenha sua qualidade certificada. De qualquer forma, para assegurar totalmente que nosso cachorro não contraia infecções por salmonela, E.coli o triquinoses, por exemplo, podemos congelar a carne ou passá-la levemente na chapa antes de servir. O tutor tem a opção de escolher servir totalmente crua, para um melhor aporte nutricional, ou ligeiramente cozida, para evitar problemas de saúde. É questão de escolha pessoal.

Finalmente destacamos que, no final, será o próprio cachorro que escolherá comer um produto ou outro. Enquanto alguns cães salivam ao ver um pedaço de carne crua, outros la rechaçam com evidente cara de desprezo, o que ocorre em raças pequenas e cachorros idosos, ou nos que não se acostumaram a este tipo de alimento desde filhotes.

Is raw dog meat good?

Although the dog should not feed only on meat, the ideal is that the meat is the food of greatest presence in your diet . As we mentioned in the previous section, the dog has a small stomach and therefore the meals should not be large and should be repeated three times a day.

In the canine diet, the proportion of cardi should be about 75% of the total portion , and, unlike common sense, the viscera are not good since they are generally very intoxicated. For example, all medications that are given to a cow are metabolized in the liver, which causes this organ to accumulate wastes that are not beneficial to the dog.

Types of Raw Meat for the Dog?

It is convenient to toast our dog with leftovers of lean meat , preferably of sheep, goat or cow, however, when we speak of small dogs, what is more recommended is the meat of rabbit and of bird.

We know that giving raw meat to a dog on a daily basis can have a significant economic impact on some families, but we are talking about leftover leftovers, which are adequate, the dog does not need more and are affordable at the butchers .

How to give raw meat to the dog?

It is always preferable that the meat is fresh, but it is not essential, we can bet on frozen meat, a more economical option. However, if we opt for this product, we must be warned and let the meat thaw completely and at room temperature . so that its properties are not affected.

It is not necessary to grind the meat, just cut it into pieces , remember that your dog is prepared to eat it like that. If you want to improve your dog’s health, do not hesitate to try a diet based on raw meat.

Remember also that dogs digest without difficulty the raw meat and bones, however, are not able to assimilate the nutrients of vegetables that have not undergone a pre-digestion cooking process.

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