Do dogs have environmental catastrophes?

Dogs, like other animal species, have a strange ability to prevent natural catastrophes. We humans, even with all the technology we have, can not match the animal instinct that prevents them from earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, avalanches, etc.

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In this article by YourCatCareguide we will show you the reasons, some scientifically proven, by which theorizes about the question of whether dogs are experiencing environmental catastrophes .

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Dogs have a superior hearing ability

The dog has a higher hearing capacity than the human. In addition to being able to hear all the sounds that humans can hear, they are able to pick up ultrasounds and infrassons out of the human hearing range. Ultrasounds are sounds so sharp that the human ear is unable to detect, but the dogs are capable.

The infrasounds are sounds so severe that our ear can not detect, although the paradox occurs that we are able to pick up certain infrasounds through the skin, or to feel a kind of pressure in the stomach. Dogs hear trouble-free, yet another form that shows us that dogs experience catastrophes, or at least have the ability to do so.

Canine Smell Has No Limits

The olfactory capacity of the dogs is legendary. It is not only the fact that this sense is a thousand times superior to ours , what is surprising is how they intuitively process the olfactory information they perceive, and respond accordingly accordingly.

According to scientific reports, dogs are able to detect subtle sudden changes in the chemical composition of the air, which foreshadow some atmospheric, or catastrophic phenomenon.

An innate instinct

Understanding that dogs having a better hearing and smell than humans can hear and smell things we can never understand are easy to understand.

However, what is difficult to understand is how the dog translates these auditory and olfactory signals into strong premonitions that warn them of grave perils hours before such catastrophes occur. Above all, given that given the short time that they are with their mother it is impossible that she can teach them something related to the catastrophes.

We can conclude that the strange changes that the dogs perceive provoke an answer in their brain that drives them to flee and to move away of the zone where they perceive the impending catastrophe. It is likely that the dog does not know the exact nature of its premonition, but what is clear is that it must go far and escape as soon as possible from the place where it is.

Is it your instinct that warns you? Do dogs really experience catastrophes?

The dogs warn

A phenomenon that has often been observed is that dogs become very restless when they detect the imminence of the catastrophe, trying to communicate this to the humans around them.

They try with their warnings that humans shelter from the catastrophe and save themselves . Unfortunately, it is common for humans to ignore these desperate warnings from dogs.

Geomagnetism and atmospheric ionization

Two other scientific phenomena occurring before an earthquake are changes in geomagnetism and atmospheric ionization .

  • Geomagnetism is the magnetic field of the earth that differs from one area to another. When changes occur in the magnetism of a zone, an earthquake often occurs. Dogs and other animals can see these changes.
  • The atmosphere is ionized, ie there are ions (atoms or electrically charged molecules). Each zone has a certain type of ionization in its ionosphere, a kind of electric footprint in the sky of each zone.

It has been proven by satellites, that before the succession of earthquakes occur changes in the ionosphere in the zones that will be affected. Dogs are sensitive to these physical and chemical changes in the air. In China, in addition to other scientific methods, animals are used and their behavior as a source of information for the prevention of earthquakes .

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