Disney Names for Cats

Disney films have marked most of our childhood. They are associated with a series of positive memories. For this reason, it’s no wonder that when we adopt a new family member, let’s think about choosing a Disney name for him!

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If you have recently adopted a kitten or a kitten, choosing the name is one of the first things to do. This choice is very important, since this name will accompany the whole life of the animal. A very funny idea is to give your cat a name of a Disney character that you love or that especially marked your childhood. To help you remember some of the characters that might inspire you in choosing a name for your new little friend, Animal Expert has prepared this list of Disney names for cats . Keep reading!

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Disney’s Famous Cat Names

There are several famous Disney felines. Throughout this article we will recall some of them for you. Who knows if the perfect name for your cat is not on this list?

  • Baguera – The Jungle Book : The huge black panther, excellent hunter and intelligent. He taught the Mogli to hunt and survive alone in the jungle.
  • Rajah – Aladdin: Rajah is the pet tiger of Princess Jasmin. A tiger of ferocious appearance but deep down is as tender as a kitten.
  • Tigger – Winnie The Pooh : It’s an orange tiger, cheerful and fun. Most of the time he is eccentric and always gets into trouble.
  • Simba – Lion King : Simba is the young lion protagonist of the movie The Lion King. He is a very brave and affectionate lion as well.
  • Sergeant Tibbs – 101 Dalmatians : This gray cat is the companion of the dog Colonel and together they help Pongo and the Perdita to rediscover their pups.
  • Si e Am – The lady and the tramp : Two Siamese cats who think they own their house. Slaves and matriarchs, even try to hunt the bird the house fish.

Disney character names for cats

If you adopted a girl, putting her in the name of a female Disney character is a pretty cool idea. Here are some of Disney’s most famous feline characters :

  • Yzma – The Emperor ‘s New Groove : The evil character in the film, Yzma, it becomes a beautiful kitten after taking two magic potions.
  • Marie – Aristocats : Marie is one of the main characters in the movie Aristocats. She is a caring white cat who considers herself a real lady. Although she considers herself a very fancy kitten, she does not throw a good joke with her siblings from time to time.
  • Dinah- Alice in Wonderland : Dinah is Alice’s pet kitty. A red and affectionate kitten.
  • Felicia – The Detective Mouse : A fat cat who only thinks about eating.
  • Nala – The Lion King : Simba’s best friend lioness who later becomes a queen of the jungle. She and Simba have two little ones: Kiara and Kion .
  • Sarafina – The Lion King : It is the mother of Nala, that is, the grandmother of Kiara and Kion.

Disney Names for Male Cats

If on the other hand, you adopted a male kitten, one of these Disney names for male catsmight be a great idea:

  • Mochi – Big Hero 6 : The super cute and chubby kitten of the main character Hiro Hamada.
  • Figaro – Pinocchio : The pet of Geppetto, father of Pinocchio. He later became the pet of the Mickey Mouse.
  • Oliver – Oliver and His Companions : A brave kitten, friend and very cute. This yellow kitten with a crest of very fluffy hairs on his head is the protagonist of the film.
  • Cheshire – Alice in Wonderland: The Cheshire Cat is a mysterious and philosophical cat that appears a few times in the film.
  • Gideon – Pinocchio : Gideon is a cat in the movie Pinocchio, who along with rapône John Honest, manipulated and deceived people to get money.
  • Lucifer – Cinderella : A black and white, evil cat, who thinks of nothing more than to chase mice, friends of Cinderella.

Famous Cat Names

Found the famous Disney cat name ideal for giving to your new feline ?! Share in the comments that name you chose for your new partner!

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