Different Ways to Clean a Dog’s Teeth

The appearance of tartar on the dog’s teeth indicates neglect with your dental care. Just like people, our pets need an almost daily hygiene of their mouth.

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Cleaning a dog’s teeth will not only make them cleaner and healthier, prevent them from falling or their pet gain gingivitis, among other problems.

Continue reading this article from YourCatCareguide to know the different ways to clean a dog’s teeth .

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Foods That Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

The foods are directly related to the oral cleaning of your dog. The high quality dry rationmakes the chewing of this type of food a natural way to eliminate tartar, since it is quite hard.

Conversely, soft food or moist food causes the dog to accumulate more tartar, bad breath and diarrhea, especially if it is offered in abundance. This type of food should only be offered occasionally to prevent future problems in your teeth.

Different types of dog food have advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to never offer human food leftovers to the dog , especially if they are sweet foods. They harm your digestion and your teeth.

Clean teeth with toothpaste or toothbrush

You will find, on the market, a variety of toothpaste for dogs. They are edible products, which means they do not carry any risk if the dog ingest them. To accustom your dog to wiping his mouth with toothpaste, it is essential to start when he is still just a puppy . However, if your dog is an adult, this option should not be discarded.

At the beginning, use your fingers as your choice and pass the paste through your teeth and gums, always very carefully. When the dog becomes more accustomed to the process, you can use a brush to increase the hygiene of this routine that should be done three times a week.

Clean teeth with toys

There are also toys, bones and treats on the market that allow dental cleaning of your pet more easily and fun. Inquire and bet on the products that your puppy most likes, always as an extra in your oral cleaning routine.

Also, if your puppy is still puppy, there are specific toys for that stage in the market. These products help relieve discomfort when the animal exchanges milk teeth.

Consult a specialist

As caring for your dog’s teeth is key, you can choose to have a specialist who will recommend a mouth cleaning.

The veterinarian uses an ultrasound device similar to that of human dentists to remove plaque, tartar, and resident bacteria. Cleaning is always done with general anesthesia , which is not recommended for older dogs.

Clean teeth with natural products

The sodium bicarbonate is a tool that functions as a toothpaste for dogs. Simply mix water with a small amount of baking soda until it gets a little thick. Once you have the paste done, you just need to wipe your teeth with the brush.

If your dog has inflamed gums you can use healing herbs found in any herbal, such as: Oregon grape, marigold or aloe vera.

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