Differences between rat and rat

If you are thinking of adopting a rat or a rat as a pet , you have entered the right place, because in this article of the Expert Animal we will show you the differences of both animals including physical characteristics, intelligence or behavior.

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Discover all the differences between rat and rat as well as curiosities that will surprise you because they are intelligent and social animals that you will enjoy if you are considering adopting one.

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Physical differences

To begin with we must be clear that the rat and the rat are not of the same species . The rat belongs to the genus Rattus that contemplates up to 57 different species such as Rattus rattusor Rattus norvegicus . The mouse in turn belongs to the genus Mus and we found about 38 very different species including the mus musculus , known as the domestic rat.

Physically and generally we can distinguish a rat from a rat by its size : the rats can measure up to 30 centimeters, while the rat is smaller conforming to about 15 centimeters (although some may reach 20).

However, the best way to physically distinguish a rat from a mouse is the physiognomy it presents, giving little details : rats usually have larger paws and smaller rats. The ears of the rat are smaller compared to those of the rat.

The mustaches of the mouse are usually longer than those of the rat, because their visual capacity is slightly diminished, something that compensates with a very developed ear and smell.

The color of the rodent is another physical difference to be taken into account, as the rats are often dark colors (brown, black and gray) and the rats combine light colors with dark (brown, white, gray).

Behavioral differences between rats and rats

Next, let’s distinguish a little the behavior of these two rodents:

  • The rats are able to show very different behaviors to express their emotions . We can identify a happy rat when it jumps, wags its tail or grinds its teeth. On the other hand, when she feels threatened or tense, she often shouts low, biting and even beating wildly. It is advisable not to disturb a rat that is screeching, showing teeth or bristling.
  • Rats are very social animals that enjoy the company of other rats. Usually they clean each other, smell and show affection.
  • In turn, rats are also very social animals that must live in the company of others of their species. You should only attach one male with several females (sterilized) unless two males have been raised together since birth. Otherwise, serious conflicts may occur.
  • The rat does not usually express aggression as quickly as a mouse, however, it is able to stand on two legs (with the help of the tail) and prepare to attack if necessary. We can say in general that the rats are more docile , although this depends on the character of each individual specimen.

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