Differences between German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd

The breed Belgian Shepherd settled definitively in the year of 1897, after a series of crosses between several specimens dedicated to the grazing that began in 1891. On the other hand, the breed of the German Shepherd began a little later, because until to the year 1899 was not recognized as a German breed. Their beginnings were also like shepherds.

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We observed that both breeds started from the same common functions, grazing and in very close periods and countries, Belgium and Germany. However, although their beginnings were similar, over the years both races have diverged.

For this reason, in YourCatCareguide we will explain the main differences between German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd .

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Dog Breeds Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd has 4 different varieties with very different characteristics in relation to their physical appearance, but genetically they are practically the same. For this reason, they are all considered as a Belgian Shepherd breed .

If a couple is matched with the same phenotype, the litter may be wholly or partly with a phenotype totally different from that of their parents. The varieties of the Belgian Shepherd are:

  • Pastor Belga Groenendael
  • Belgian Shepherd Laekenois
  • Belgian Shepherd Dog
  • Pastor Belga Tervueren

Pastor belga groenendael

This variety of Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael is characterized by the black color of all its fur . Your hair is long and smooth except for the face. In this variety tolerates some small white spot on the neck and chest.

Its usual measures are 60 cm at the withers and about 28-30 kg in weight. Females are slightly smaller. He lives for 12-13 years, but we know of people who have passed the age of 18.

Experts consider that Belgian Shepherd dogs are not a good breed as the first dog, because their great need for activity requires space and some uncommon dressing fundamentals.

Belgian shepherd laekenois

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois is completely different from the previous one. It is the oldest variety. The appearance of the Belgian Shepherd Dog Laekenois is as follows: its size and weight is identical to Groenendael, but its fur is rough and curly . Its colors are in the brown range. It also has snails on your head and face. A small spot on the neck is allowed.

During both world wars he served as a messenger dog. Their average life expectancy is the same as that of Belgian Shepherd Groenendael. Due to their level of activity it is better to live in a rural environment , since in an urban environment this race can suffer neurosis if not being able to do a great deal of active exercise .

Belgian shepherd malinois

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois comes from the Belgian town of Malines, from where it appeared in 1892. With characteristics of weight and size identical to other Belgian shepherds, it differs from them by its short and hard hair all over the body and face . Its color is within the range of browns and has a beautiful color.

It is a very active dog that needs a lot of space to move, since one of its characteristics is that the pup mentality until the 3 years of age, and some copies up to 5 years. Which means that if you are not socialized properly and educated from the very first day you can spend years eating the shoes of the whole family, or causing identical wreckage. It is essential to be able to develop a great activity to appease your temperament.

Precisely because of its temperament, it has been used by the army and police around the world (including the German police). He is also good as a guard dog, shepherd and defense, whenever trained by professionals . Remember that training a dog to attack without knowledge is a very dangerous idea that can have multiple consequences.

Not a dog recommended to live in an apartment, despite being very kind to the family and especially with children. But being very stupid and gross can hurt the little ones inadvertently.

Pastor belga tervueren

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is from the town of Tervuren, population where the first specimens of this precious variety of Belgian Shepherd were selected.

The morphology of this variety is very similar to the Belgian Shepherd Groenenlandel, but its soft and long hair is brown with some black areas . The face has short hair and is formed by a beautiful beard that goes from ear to ear.

It is a very active dog used in surveillance , drug or bomb screening, disaster relief and advocacy. Integrates very well in families, as long as you have the capacity and space to train them and provide them with the great activity they need.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has its origins in 1899. Its physical characteristics are well known, since it is a very popular breed.

It is a dog of greater size and weight than the Belgian Shepherd, even weighing up to 40 kg. He has a remarkable intelligence, being easier to train than the Belgian Shepherd . Either way, it’s a working dog, which means you need to perform some kind of physical activity such as police dog, catastrophic tracking or blind follow-up.

The temperament of the German Shepherd is very balanced , as long as its genetic line is pure, since it is also probably the breed in which inexperienced breeders made more mistakes. Their average life expectancy ranges from 9 to 13 years.

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