Differences between a camel and a dromedary

The camel and the dromedary are very common animals for us. Not a few movies in the desert where we can see them carrying people to goods.

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Although we know these two animals, one of the most frequent questions about the animal world is the following: Who has two bosses, the camel or the dromedary?

Apart from this question, the two animals have other differences. Do not worry if you do not know the answer, in this article of YourCatCareguide you will know all the differences between a camel and a dromedary.

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Differences between the origin of a camel and a dromedary

One fundamental difference between a camel and a dromedary is that they come from different places . Specifically, the camels originate in Central Asia and, in contrast, the dromedaries come from the Arabian Peninsula.

The origins of a species condition many of the two characteristics, for example:

  • Dromedaries are better equipped to withstand high temperatures than camels. We are talking about situations that exceed 50 degrees.
  • In turn, the camels evolved to withstand long periods of cold in the winter (consider the Gobi desert, where they can be 40 degrees negative).

How many bosses does a dromedary have?

In addition to being a recurring trivia question, the number of humps on a camel and a dromedary is the main difference between these two camelids.

Dromedaries have only one bossa, while camels have two.

In both cases, bossa is a kind of deposit of adipose tissue. There is a popular belief that the bosses are full of water, which is completely false.

Dromedaries use bossa as a reservoir of energy and water reservoir for a long trip in the desert. According to National Geographic, they can store up to 36 pounds of fat in their bossa. Another surprising fact is its ability to absorb. A thirsty dromedary can drink 135 liters of water in just 15 minutes.

In addition to energy reserves, the camel also uses its humps to protect itself from the cold. It has already been mentioned that low temperatures can be really extreme.

The camel and the dromedary have different pelts.

Although the color is the same in both animals, the hair type is different on the camel and dromedary:

  • The camel has a longer coat to, as previously stated, protect itself from extreme cold.
  • In turn, the dromedary has the short and very uniform throughout your body. This type of cloak helps the animal to withstand better heat.

Camels are smaller than dromedaries.

The Arabian camel or dromedary is taller because its legs are longer (thus, it is further away from the heat emanating from the ground). While a dromedary can reach two meters in height, the camels usually do not exceed one and a half meters.

It’s curious, because that does not happen with weight. Camels are usually heavier than dromedaries.

The camel is less resistant, both on long journeys and when it spends several days without eating or drinking. In turn, it is best to climb hilly or snowy terrain.

The camel is quieter than the dromedary.

The aggressive reactions of the dromedary are well known, but this only happens when it is disturbed. Camels are, on the contrary, much quieter and it is rare to see some have an aggressive reaction. However, their physical constitution is less suitable for carrying people.

Another curiosity about the bossas

Both camels and dromedaries can suffer dehydration up to 40% . This is due to the humps that, as we have seen, are filled with fat that turns into food and energy.

When a camel begins to become dehydrated, the humps begin to decrease in size. They may even become flexible and move to the side of the camel. As the animal recovers forces, the bossa returns to its vertical position.

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