Difference between snake and snake

Knowledge of the animal kingdom translates into knowledge of our surroundings, for human life can not be conceived without interaction with nature, and in addition, understanding nature helps us to better understand our instincts and dynamics cycle that accompanies all vital processes.

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However, when we enter the mysteries of the animal kingdom, some information can be confusing and may even cause some doubts, which are important to clarify in order to acquire a true knowledge of nature.

For example, is a snake and a snake the same thing? Certainly you have had this doubt some time, and we can clarify that it is not exactly the same animal. In order for you to notice the reference of both terms, the Animal Expert has elaborated this article in which we show you the differences between the snake and the snake .

The world of snakes

To understand what a snake is, we must first understand what the snake world is like. The snakes are animals that are part of the reptile group , although they do not have extremities, since the scales present in the ventral region of their skin are used for their locomotion.

There is a great diversity of serpents that are ordered by the following classification used scientifically:

  • Family
  • Subfamily
  • Genre
  • Subgenre
  • Species
  • Subspecies

So far we can conclude that snakes are a subordination of the animal kingdom , in which we differentiate different families.

What are snakes?

Speaking of snakes is talking about the family of the colubrids ( Colubridae ), in fact, most of the snakes existing part of this family, which comes to house about 1800 species. The Colúbrids family is made up of numerous harmless and medium-sized species, such as the European snake-lisa or the snake-lizard, although some snakes are poisonous (although they do not have a deadly poison) and have teeth situated in the posterior part of the oral cavity.

We should note that a snake known as Boomslang ( dispholidus typus ), whose bite can be deadly for man, being one of the few species that has such danger. You can see this snake in the picture.

We can see common features in the family of Colúbrideos, as for example the size, which usually oscillates between 20 and 30 centimeters and the head, which is covered with large scales.

What is a snake and what is a snake?

To clarify in a practical way this usual mess, we can conclude that all snakes are snakes, but not all snakes are snakes , since the gripo snakes houses other different families, such as the family of the Elapidae, Elapidae (cobras , coral snakes, mambas, and sea serpents) or the viperidae family Viperidae (vipers and crotalus).

Snakes are a subgenus of the animal kingdom, while snakes are one of the different families that make up the large group of snakes.

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