Cutting my dog’s hair – Step by Step

Do not know how to cut your dog’s hair ? In this article by YourCatCareguide, we explain everything you need and all the steps you must take to cut your dog’s hair. Although many people do it at home, this is a ritual that is not easy.

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The type of cut, finish or hairstyle vary according to the dog and its physical characteristics. Prepared? Keep reading this article and find out what you should do to make your dog the most beautiful in the whole city.

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Types of dog coat

Before you start cutting your dog’s hair, you should know what kind of hair it has. The care of the hair will vary according to the type of coat:

  1. The by hard is what they have, for example, the Westies. In this case, we must work with electric machines and not use conditioners or oils.
  2. The curly hair is characteristic of the Poodles, among others, and requires a special shampoo with moisturizing effect. Cutting should be done by scissors in certain areas, and by machine in others.
  3. The short hair is characteristic of breeds like the boxer and the pitbull and does not need any type of cut. The exception is animals with medium-broad hair, which are uncommon. In this case, you can pass the machine in some areas to match the hair. Do not use conditioners or oils.
  4. The long hair is typical of dogs like Yorkshire. This does require a conditioner and a cut with scissors.

Once you have identified your dog’s coat type, you can begin to think about what you need and what the appropriate cut is. In addition, you should know that if your dog is a Maltese Bichon, the haircut should always be less than 4 cm. Otherwise, it may leave your coat curly as a result of excessive cutting.

What you need to cut your dog’s hair

Once you have identified your dog’s coat, you should decide what kind of cut you will perform to know what care and preparation are needed. If you have questions about how to perform the appropriate cut, you can either call a canine hairdresser or watch tutorials on the Internet to get some guidance and do it yourself

In order for the process to succeed and end with a spectacular result, you should follow some basic advice. Start by identifying all the products you need:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Dryer
  • Cutting machine
  • Scissors
  • Small scissors
  • Brush
  • Adhesive dressings
  • Others

Before you start cutting your dog’s hair, you should prepare a bath with the specific products for your hair, including the conditioner if the coat is long. It is also important that you prepare a table or cutting area in a quiet place to work. In many canine hairdressers you can find tables with an extendable arm, to hold the dog and prevent him from moving, and with a drier at the tip of the arm to facilitate the drying process.

1. Give your dog a bath

To begin with, give the dog a bath to eliminate any dirt it may have on the body. Dry it with a towel, leaving the hair moist and ready to cut. In this way, it will be easier to identify the length of the coat.

Do not forget that it is essential to use a pet softener or conditioner on long-haired dogs such as the Afghan Hound, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese bichon.

2. Brush the hair

Before cutting, carefully brush the dog’s coat to eliminate knots and tangles. In this way, you can clearly identify the volume and the irregular areas to work.

As you may already know, there are different types of brushes , suitable for each type of hair and features. You will also find, in the market, brushes of mini size ideas for small shades of the dog sue, like the muzzle.

3. Start cutting the body hair

The first cut zones of the dog’s hair should be the loin and the hind legs. Then repeat the procedure on the neck, chest, front paws and belly. Try to focus on the areas with more hair, as they are the ones you should cut first with the help of the scissors. If you are going to finish cutting with the machine so that the hair stays regular, it is okay if it does not look perfect with the scissors.

Take your time to cut : it is preferable to go selecting the zones bit by bit carefully to avoid messing up the dog’s hairstyle. In addition, if the tutor is relaxed, the pet will also be, allowing a better result.

After reducing the volume of the hair, you can use the machine. You should always use the appliance in the direction of hair growth. Be gentle and gentle without exerting too much pressure to avoid peeling.

If you are performing a scissors-only cut, use your fingers and a suitable comb to measure the length in different areas. It must achieve a homogeneous result.

4. Cut off the face hair as well.

Do not forget the facial hair. There are tools for this delicate task, as well as stickers to protect fringes and ears.

The hairs around the eyes may bother the dog and should also be cut. Often, hair enters the eye and causes constant tears that leave brown hair. Discover how to remove tear stains from your dog’s hair in this article. Do not use the machine for this area.

5. Do not forget the paws

Between the toes of the dog’s paws also grows by what must be cut. This area is particularly sensitive and dogs tend to move a lot during the procedure, so it is recommended to do so with caution and care. Finish the cut in the nail area.

6. Dry the entire body with a drier

Once the cutting process is complete, it is important that you dry your dog’s hair with a blow dryer while combing it. If you do not have a specific dryer for pets (produces less noise), you can use any one. This will eliminate the remaining hair, leaving it flawless, shiny and smooth.

Keep in mind the paws because, in cases of extreme humidity, it can favor the appearance of fungi between the fingers.

And this is the process of cutting your dog’s hair. We hope it was a useful guide and the result was phenomenal. Do not forget that you can share your photo to show the result of the process to the YourCatCareguide community.

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